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Top 5 deadliest cancers

Today, in global medical community, special attention is paid to study and research for effective therapeutic methods to combat cancer. Several types of this pathology are treatable. Nevertheless, cancer is the second leading root of death in America after heart ailments.

Below we will look at the most dangerous types of cancer, whether they can be detected at an early stages and whether it’s possible to treat them.

Prostate cancer

One in 7 men suffers from prostate cancer. Often, pathology occurs in men over the age of 50 years. It may be present in a man’s family anamnesis, in addition, individual gene modifications can also provoke the development of this pathology. Oncologists say that men preferring meat and fatty meals can face prostate cancer frequently.

To detect it, patients must undergo screening and prostate examination for the presence of abnormal changes, as well as blood tests. If physicians find inconsistencies during examination, biopsy can be prescribed – taking a tissue piece for examination in laboratory.

A prostate tumor grows not fast, nevertheless, metastases that spread to other tissues and organs can progress quite quickly. If the disease is detected in the early stages, the effectiveness of therapy is guaranteed in 96% of cases.

Pancreas cancer

According to data, 1 out of 67 may face this problem. The risks of developing the disease increase if any of the patient’s relatives also suffered from this pathology. Cancer risk factors are:

  • smoking;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • excess weight.

In early stages, cancer practically does not manifest itself, so it is difficult to identify it. The pancreas is not palpable, so it will not work to feel the growths or bumps during the examination. Often, this cancer’s already metastasized and spreads throughout the body when symptoms appear. Only 6% of patients live more than 5 years after ailment is revealed.

Physicians are creating genetic tests to examine persons in relatives that already have this ailment. New meds are being developed to boost immunity to fight this pathology.

Mammary cancer

Approximately 1 in 8 females experience this condition. Main risk factors include the following:

  • ailment presence in a family anamnesis;
  • genetic modifications;
  • alcohol abuse and drug use;
  • high breast density is a natural feature;
  • early onset of menstruation (before 11 years of age) and late onset of menopause;
  • undergoing hormone therapy;
  • late pregnancy;
  • radiation exposure.

To detect it, mammography, x-rays, ultrasound and MRI are used. The sooner the presence of cancer is detected, more likely it’s to be completely cured.

Colorectal cancer

The chance of getting this type of cancer is 1:20. This happens more often in adulthood if you drink a lot of alcohol, smoke or are overweight. It may be detected with colonoscopy or other screenings. If pathology is detected early, then the probability of a successful cure is 90%.

Today, physicians use innovative methods of robotic surgical mechanisms; it helps to eliminate the tumor with precision and acts exclusively on the affected cells.

Lungs’ cancer

The chance of getting this type of cancer in men is 1:13, and in women it is 1:16. The main risk factors are:

  • smoking (active and passive);
  • hereditary predisposition;
  • age category 65+;
  • radiation exposure.

Lung cancer has been proven to be more common in persons with HIV. Cancer can be revealed by screening or CT. There’s a higher chance of a cure, as with other cancers, if the disease is detected in the early stages of development.

Scientists work hard to create new therapeutic methods and drugs that can stop the deadliest cancer and act pointwise on the affected cells.

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