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Infinity Clinic in Eastern EU

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Infinity Clinic is the most famous and one of the best stem cell clinics in Eastern European space. It offers people exclusive rejuvenation methodologies, efficient therapies of many ailments and chronic dysfunctions, as well as a fast rehabilitation process. The clinic uses stem cells obtained from patients’ natural tissues. Clinic’s physicians select a particular, comprehensive plan for every person, which ensures a quick and high-quality solution to complex clinical issues.Clinic staff are highly qualified experts and professionals with wide experience working with fetal stem cells. Main specialist’s goal is personalized cure of highest class and development of latest therapeutical methods for fighting complex chronic pathologies.

Our doctors

Yuriy Derpak M.D., Ph.D.

    Photo of Yuriy Derpak M.D., Ph.D.

    Leading Stem Cell Clinic in Eastern Europe: main specialization

    1. Anti-aging therapies.

    Skin cells, after a certain period of time, self-renew through asymmetric division: each cell divides into two, one of which then divides to form a line of specialized cells, and the second cell, in turn, remains a stem cell in a state of sleep until the next division signal. The effect of introducing stem cells into a state of rest, when they are not exposed to external factors, is basis of anti-aging therapy program used by experts at Infinity Clinic of Stem Cells in Eastern Europe. The genetic apparatus of the cells remains intact, which guarantees endless renewal.

    2. Autism and ASD.

    Implementation of fetal stem cells for cure of autism is efficient and long-term: such type of cells is very effectual, has better engraftment, is less immunogenic and has greater therapeutic potential, and also has natural abilities to restore damaged nervous tissue at the cellular structural and functional levels.

    To treat autism and ASD, a unique patented method is used, which was developed jointly by scientists and doctors at the Infinity Clinic. In the case of autism, the body’s systems benefit from healing signals transmitted by neural, mesenchymal, hematopoietic and other stem cells. Infinity Clinic offers a unique program based on the synergistic effect of a combination of individual cell types and is aimed at eliminating the main causes of autism and ASD.

    3. Idiopathic mild fibrosis.

    Possible improvements after stem cell therapy are as follows:

    • increased oxygen saturation at rest and during exercise;
    • reduced irritation of the respiratory tract (due to allergies or other factors);
    • slowing down inflammation processes and reducing collagen deposition in lung cells due to secretion of anti-inflammatory cytokines;
    • regeneration of harmed lung elements by derivation in lung progenitor cells;
    • induction/activation of dormant resident stem cells in lungs via para/autocrine signalment;
    • antipathetic, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and antifibrotic actions in order to create an environment for cell engraftment, renewal and production of offspring in vivo, optimizing reparative abilities.

    4. Muscular dystrophy.

    Although stem cell therapy is not yet considered a cure, its effect in slowing muscular dystrophy is clear. When using such technology, regression of several symptoms, relief of complications connected with this ailment, and maintenance of a decent quality of life are also noticeable.

    The use of fetal cells has opened up great prospects in cure of muscular dystrophies, since these cells:

    • provide abilities to synthesize dystrophin;
    • create cells necessary for patient’s organism (endothelial, nerve, muscle);
    • stimulate their own, mainly dormant, stem cells, which leads to a double effect;
    • getting defective muscle structure and function better;
    • help prevent muscle fiber breakdown;
    • generate functional muscle fibers by engraftment into muscles;
    • help release chemicals that reduce inflammation (decreased ALT, AST, CPK and LDH) in muscle fibers;
    • reduce the cytotoxic activity of mesenchymal cells;
    • have immunomodulatory properties.

    Experts of Infinity Institution of Stem Cell in Eastern Europe developed their own unique comprehensive therapeutic methodology, which combines infusion and multipoint injection in muscles. It integrates stem cells in muscles in two ways. The effect of this treatment is much greater than using these methods separately.

    5. Osteoarthritis.

    The use of fetal stem cells is aimed at recovering harmed cartilage tissues. This technique can significantly restore general conditions and get patients’ life quality better. Fetal cells are also implemented for preventive purposes in patients at high risk of primary and post-traumatic osteoarthritis.

    Features of Infinity Clinic – Medical Center

    1. Comprehensive lung health program.

    Infinity Clinic was one of the first to study fetal stem cells and discover their extraordinary features. The publication of the research results took place in 2004 in the Journal of Transplantology. Infinity Clinic possesses experience curing chronic lung ailments and demonstrates that stem cell therapeutical programs may be considered a powerful approach to improve and maintain lung health. People with chronic pulmonary fibrosis notice a significant improvement in their overall quality of life, and the clinic’s equipment diagnoses an increase in blood oxygenation.

    2. Overall recovery from Covid-19.

    The collaboration between the clinic’s research and clinical teams has enabled the creation of a unique, comprehensive cure program combining various stem cell products for immunomodulation. It can be used to reduce the risk of pulmonary fibrosis and recovery during the post-COVID-19 period. This program contains:

    • consults and examination of the chief physician and general practitioner;
    • laboratory tests;
    • instrumental studies (ultrasound of the abdominal cavity and pelvis, ECG, etc.);
    • stem cell therapies.

    Infinity Clinic experts collaborate with medical institutions worldwide, trying to direct joint efforts to create new and extremely efficient methods of therapy using stem cells.

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