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Acibadem hospital in Istanbul

İstanbul, Turkey

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Acibadem Hospital in Istanbul is a multidisciplinary facility. The center has been operating since 2017. More than 500,000 patients visit the hospital’s specialists every year. The hospital specializes in the treatment of rare and complex forms of cardiac and neurological pathologies. Acibadem’s specialization is also traumatology and orthopedics, gynecology, ophthalmology, mammalogy and dentistry. Acibadem is known as one of the most efficient rehabilitation centers in the world in terms of the effectiveness of the recovery programs used.Among others, Acibadem operates centers for IVF, bone marrow transplantation and robotic surgery.

Our doctors

Adnan Abbasolgu

  • Orthopedics and Traumatology
İstanbul, Turkey
Photo of Adnan Abbasolgu

Aziz Yazar

  • Oncology
İstanbul, Turkey
Photo of Aziz Yazar

Tamer Cardisag

  • Surgery
İstanbul, Turkey
Photo of Tamer Cardisag

Soner Tatlidede

  • Cosmetology and plastic surgery
İstanbul, Turkey
Photo of Soner Tatlidede

Halit Cavusoglu

  • Neurosurgery
İstanbul, Turkey
Photo of Halit Cavusoglu

Ismail Youse

  • Neurosurgery
İstanbul, Turkey
Photo of Ismail Youse

Features and specialization of Acibadem Clinic in Turkey

  1. Acibadem uses the PET-CT method – a high-tech scanning technology of the whole body in order to determine the clear boundaries of pathological areas. During the examination, specialists use a special radiopharmaceutical contrast, which gives specialists the opportunity to detect changes in the activity of cells. This method has a sensitivity level of 96%.
  2. Force CT is a diagnostic method in which the patient receives minimal doses of radiation and which requires a small amount of contrast agent, which has a gentle effect on the kidneys.
  3. MRI with Tesla 3 – scanning a specific area of ​​the body, which gives surgeons the ability to obtain accurate information about the location and size of the tumor, even when the formation is in a hard-to-reach place.
  4. DSA – digital subtraction angiography – a method in which all the vessels  of the body are visualized.
  5. Mammography using tomosynthesis – obtaining a 3D model of a tumor at low doses of radiation.
  6. 4D ultrasound.

The hospital uses advanced diagnostic methods.

  1. Flash CT is an instant scan in which patients receive a minimal dose of radiation. The procedure is completed in the shortest period of time.
  2. The Icon Gamma Knife is a radiosurgical mechanism for removing tumors in the brain.
  3. TrueBeam STx is a linear accelerator that is used to carry out radiation therapy, providing the most accurate effect on cells affected by pathology and without affecting healthy structures.
  4. Da Vinci is a robotic unit, the use of which makes it possible to perform operations with punctures up to 2 cm. This reduces the likelihood of complications and shortens the period of postoperative rehabilitation.
  5. Navio is a device for knee replacement surgery. During the operation, doctors see on the computer screen an image of the anatomical features of patients, which makes it possible to accurately select the prosthesis.

Acibadem specializes in several areas

  • Bone marrow transplantation.

The Acibadem, which specializes in bone marrow transplantation, has a connection with an international bank that stores donor stem cells. Thus, if there is no donor material in local clinics, cells can be selected through another resource.

  • Treatment of oncological diseases.

Acibadem uses a 3D digital mammography technique, which is performed using a Tomosynthesis device. This technology allows you to determine the exact size of malignant tumors in the mammary glands and identify other problem areas.

For instant scanning and diagnosis of cervical cancer, a screening method with light is used. The diagnostic process takes no more than two minutes. The clinic also performs 3D imaging of the prostate – a diagnosis in which prostate cancer can be detected at an early stage. For the treatment of cancerous tumors, the Truebeam STx unit is used, which combines all the cutting-edge methods of radiation therapy. Thanks to this installation, the radiation is quickly and accurately transmitted even to small formations.

  • Orthopedics.

To restore cartilage tissue, some patients are offered to undergo stem cell therapy. This procedure is performed in place of joint replacements, which may be necessary in cases of complete tissue dysfunction.

Departments and centers at Turkey Acibadem Clinic

  1. Aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery.
  2. Bone marrow transplant.
  3. Cardiology.
  4. Cardiovascular surgery.
  5. Dermatology.
  6. Center for emergency medical care.
  7. Family medicine.
  8. Gastroenterology.
  9. Gynecology.
  10. Obstetrics business.
  11. IVF Center.
  12. Infectious diseases and clinical microbiology.
  13. Interventional radiology.
  14. Kidney Transplant Center.
  15. Liver Transplant Center.
  16. Nephrology.
  17. Neurology.
  18. Neurosurgery.
  19. Nuclear medicine.
  20. Dietology.
  21. Oncology.
  22. Ophthalmology.
  23. Orthopedics.
  24. Traumatology.
  25. Otolaryngology.
  26. Dental business.
  27. Pediatrics.
  28. Psychology and psychiatry.
  29. Hematology.
  30. Pulmonary medicine.
  31. Endocrinology.
  32. Urology.
  33. Rheumatology.
  34. Thoracic surgery.

Awards and certificates

  1. Turkish Higher National Academy Award for Best Clinical Brand.
  2. Joint Commission International accreditation.
  3. The clinic is ISO certified.

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