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Home Clinics Cardiology and cardiac surgery Seoul National University Hospital

Seoul National University Hospital

South Korea
Seoul, South Korea

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National University Hospital in Seoul is a Korean multidisciplinary medical establishment. The hospital is strong in specializations such as cardiac and neurosurgery, pediatrics and transplantology. More than 1,500 patients are treated at the hospital every day.

Our doctors

Ahwon Kim

  • Neurology
South Korea
Seoul, South Korea
Photo of Ahwon Kim

Bae Ye Seul

  • Oncology
South Korea
Seoul, South Korea
Photo of Bae Ye Seul

Bahk Jae Hyun

  • Surgery
South Korea
Seoul, South Korea
Photo of Bahk Jae Hyun

Bang Moon Sok

  • Rehabilitation
South Korea
Seoul, South Korea
Photo of Bang Moon Sok

Bang Yang-bong

  • Oncology
South Korea
Seoul, South Korea
Photo of Bang Yang-bong

Procedures and their cost

Colectomy (colon resection)

$14420- $20909

Coronary stenting

$10815- $18746

Gamma Knife


Gamma Knife for brain tumors



21630- $28119

Kidney transplant


Liver transplant




Liver cancer removal


Robotic Da Vinci Prostatectomy

23793- $28840


$7210- $16583



Neurologist's consultation




Oncologist's consultation


Proctologist's consultation


Pulmonologist's consultation


Surgeon's consultation


Consultation of a thoracic surgeon


Urologist's consultation


Interventional radiologist consultation


Orthopedic consultation


Orthopedic (traumatologist) consultation


CT scan of the body


Laboratory tests


Pediatrician's consultation




Dermatologist's consultation


Oncohematologist consultation




Periapical x-ray


Consultation with a doctor


Consultation of a pediatric hematologist


Bariatric Surgery Consultation


Brain MRI








Neurosurgeon's consultation


Rheumatologist's consultation


Radiologist consultation


Cardiologist's consultation


Gastroenterologist consultation


Gynecologist's consultation


Cardiac surgeon's consultation


Hematologist's consultation


Hepatologist's consultation


Mammologist's consultation


Cleft lip or palate repair

$9373- $13699

*Prices may vary depending on the state of health and the recommendations of doctors.

Features and specializations of the hospital

All data is stored digitally. The medical records of the patients treated there are in the general system of the hospital and are available to the attending physicians. This contributes to the speedy implementation of the prescribed therapy and helps to avoid errors in prescribing drugs and procedures. Patients and those who came with them as companions can follow the course of treatment through an intelligent system, in particular, check the schedule of treatment and tests.

  • Hematology

The doctors of the clinic specialize in the treatment of malignant and benign blood diseases: lymphoma, leukemia, myeloma, anemia, hemophilia, and so on. In the hospital, specialists perform bone marrow transplantation. In recent years, doctors have performed more than one and a half thousand successful bone marrow transplants, of which about a thousand are allogeneic (using donor cells), and the rest are autologous (taken directly from people).

  • Neurosurgery

About 4,000 neurosurgical manipulations are carried out there annually. As part of the research activities of the hospital, about 70 scientific publications are issued every year.

The Gamma Knife Center operates at the hospital. Doctors treat patients with targeted radiation that minimally affects healthy cells, which significantly reduces the risk of side effects. The success rate for this therapy is 90%. The duration of the necessary hospitalization is about two days.

  • Cardiac surgery

Every year, doctors perform about 2.5 thousand operations, the most common of which are heart valve surgical interventions and coronary artery bypass grafting.

It has a high success rate – the highest survival rate in Korea.

Seoul National University Hospital departments & centers

  1. Allergology and clinical immunology.
  2. Anesthesiology.
  3. Biomedical Engineering.
  4. Endocrine and chest surgery.
  5. Cardiology.
  6. Clinical pharmacology and therapy.
  7. collateral surgery.
  8. Dermatology.
  9. Endocrinology and metabolism.
  10. Family medicine.
  11. Gastroenterology.
  12. Gastrosurgery.
  13. Oncohematology.
  14. Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery.
  15. Infectious diseases.
  16. Laboratory medicine.
  17. Nephrology.
  18. Neurology.
  19. Neuropsychiatry.
  20. Neurosurgical unit.
  21. Nuclear medicine.
  22. Obstetrics and gynecological division.
  23. Ophthalmological unit.
  24. Orthopedics.
  25. Otolaryngology.
  26. Palliative care and clinical ethics.
  27. Plastic and reconstructive surgery.
  28. Rheumatology.
  29. Radiation oncology.
  30. General surgery.
  31. Thoracic and cardiovascular surgery.
  32. Interdisciplinary Department of Medicine and Advanced Technologies.
  33. Urology.
  34. Transplantology.
  35. Pediatrics.
  36. Emergency Center.

Certification and awards

  1. The hospital was included in the list of the best clinics in the world in 2021 according to the Nesweek edition.
  2. In the same year, Nesweek awarded the hospital the title of the best smart hospital in the world.

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