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Mizmedi Women’s Hospital in Korea

South Korea
Seoul, South Korea

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Mizmedi IVF Korea specializes in infertility treatment. MizMedi performs artificial insemination operations, surgical interventions of varying complexity to eliminate gynecological pathologies and provide proper post-therapeutic care. There are also delivery rooms in Mizmedi. MizMedi sees more than three hundred thousand patients annually.

Our doctors

Young Soo Park

  • Gynecology and obstetrics
South Korea
Seoul, South Korea
Photo of Young Soo Park

Song Ha Lee

  • Gynecology and obstetrics
South Korea
Seoul, South Korea
Photo of Song Ha Lee

Jeon Da Jeong

  • Endocrinology
  • Reproductology
South Korea
Seoul, South Korea
Photo of Jeon Da Jeong

Kim Min Jae

    South Korea
    Seoul, South Korea
    Photo of Kim Min Jae

    Features and specialization of the work of MizMedi Hospital

    1. It implements all methods of artificial impregnation known in medical communities, particularly, ICSI, IMO, IVF, COG, etc.
    2. IVF done at MizMedi has success in 60% of cases – 6 out of 10 women who have undergone the procedure carry and give birth to healthy children.
    3. Almost all operations performed in the clinic are performed using a minimally invasive method. Doctors make small punctures or use natural openings. Patients can eat and walk the very next day after surgery. It is allowed to go home in 4-5 days.

    The key specialization of MizMedi is the identification of the causes of infertility in women and subsequent therapy. In order to help women conceive, doctors use the following innovative methods:

    • IVF – egg retrieval with its subsequent fertilization and placement in the uterus;
    • PGD ​​- doctors conduct specialized diagnostics of the embryo, determining the presence of any genetic pathologies. This procedure helps to anticipate the development of mutations and other defects, and increase the likelihood of having a healthy baby;
    • ICSI – a healthy spermatozoon is introduced into the egg using a microinstrument;
    • COG – a drug is injected into the ovaries that activates the follicles, also stimulating their production in larger quantities;
    • VMO – purified sperm is introduced into the uterus, previously combined with a drug that can eliminate the inactivity of special cells;
    • cryopreservation – viable sperm and eggs are frozen in order to be used later in case of unsuccessful fertilization.

    Mizmedi Hospital in Seoul also treats male infertility.

    1. TESE – selective extraction of healthy sperm from the testicles.
    2. PICSI – selection of spermatozoa capable of fertilization from the total mass of cells placed in hyaluronic acid.

    MizMedi experts specialize in the treatment of gynecological pathologies using laparoscopic methods. This establishment was one of the first in Korea to use this particular technique. In MizMedi, operations are performed to remove fibroids and cysts in the uterus, treat endometriosis, eliminate adhesions in pelvic region, endometrial polyps and terminate an ectopic childbearing.

    Departments & centers at MizMedi Women’s hospital

    1. Endocrinology.
    2. Gastroenterology.
    3. Cardiology.
    4. Family medicine.
    5. Urology.
    6. General surgery.
    7. Radiology.
    8. Anesthesiology.
    9. Laboratory medicine.
    10. Center for Robotic Surgery.
    11. Infertility unit.
    12. Pediatric direction.
    13. Endoscopy and mammology centers.


    1. It’s approved by JCI for the high quality of infertility therapy and insemination procedures.
    2. MizMedi Women’s hospital in Republic of Korea is certified by the Korea Health Institute.
    3. The Ministry of Social Welfare and Health of Korea awarded MizMedi the status of a certified establishment for gynecology.

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