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Reuth Rehab Center in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv District, Israel

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Reut Rehabilitation Hospital is in Tel Aviv. It’s the biggest rehab establishment in Israel. Clinic’s patients undergo orthopedic, neurological, oncological, respiratory and geriatric rehabilitation after complex therapies.Reuth Tel Aviv uses modern techniques to rehabilitate the functions of the speech and motor apparatus, and restore the mental abilities of patients. Doctors use robotic technological developments and computer systems, particularly, ArmTutor, Vector Gait, Anti-Gravity Treadmill. Annually, about 1,500 patients arrive there to undergo rehab programs under the specialists’ guidance.

Our doctors

Yakov Shekhter

  • Oncology
Tel Aviv District, Israel
Photo of Yakov Shekhter

Thomas Spitzer

  • Surgery
Tel Aviv District, Israel
Photo of Thomas Spitzer

Ofer Merimsky

  • Oncology
Tel Aviv District, Israel
Photo of Ofer Merimsky

Moshe Inbar

  • Oncology
Tel Aviv District, Israel
Photo of Moshe Inbar

Dan Grisaru

  • Gynecology and obstetrics
  • Oncology
Tel Aviv District, Israel
Photo of Dan Grisaru

Procedures and their cost

Inpatient rehabilitation


Outpatient rehabilitation per day


*Prices may vary depending on the state of health and the recommendations of doctors.

Reuth Medical & Rehabilitation Center specialization

It uses alternative rehab methods. Doctors resort to the introduction of special programs implemented with the help of computer and robotic devices. For children, the clinic has developed programs of a game and educational format, which is quite interesting for small and young patients. Among other alternative methods, the clinic uses yoga, shiatsu – the rehabilitator acts on certain points by pressure, music, zoo and art therapy.

neurological rehabilitation.

Restoration of neural connections is required after severe trauma in which spinal cord or cerebrum was largely damaged. In addition to post-traumatic rehab, it practices recovery programs for people with encephalitis, cerebral palsy and meningitis. Separately, specialists work with people who have survived stroke and neuro-surgical manipulations on cerebrum and spine.

  1. Cerebral palsy.

After admission, children undergo a comprehensive diagnostic through MRI or CT. Based on results, doctors develop rehab programs. It may include the following:

  • physiotherapy – improving the motor activity of muscles and reducing the intensity of spasms;
  • occupational therapy – improvement of motor skills and development of intellectual abilities. It is carried out, as a rule, in the form of a game;
  • speech program – a speech therapist conducts classes with a child, teaching him basic speech skills;
  • computer program for the development and correction of mental abilities;
  • zoo-, music- and art therapies;
  • medicines.

Reut Medical Center in Israel works with kids and teenagers. There are no age group restrictions.

  1. Orthopedic rehabilitation.

This type of rehabilitation is necessary for patients who have undergone amputation of limbs, joint replacement, prosthetic limbs, complex fractures and burns of extreme severity.

The basic principle of successful rehabilitation, implemented in the Reuth Clinic, is a quick start and an intensive set of exercises. This helps to prevent muscle atrophy and joint misalignment. The center employs experienced psychologists helping people get through such a difficult period.

  1. Oncological rehabilitation.

In Reuth Clinic, people having undergone radiation and chemotherapy, and who have undergone surgery to remove malignant tumors, are recovering. The main emphasis of the oncological rehab program is on following:

  • immune system strengthening;
  • mental, speech and motor skills restoration;
  • elimination of sexual disorders.

Separately, patients who have won oncology undergo a course with a psychologist.

Departments of the Reuth Clinic

  1. General rehab.
  2. Recovery after severe trauma.
  3. Geriatrics.
  4. Pediatrics.
  5. Respiratory rehab.
  6. Physiotherapy.
  7. Occupational therapy.
  8. Psychological rehabilitation.
  9. Department of Dietetics and Nutrition Correction.
  10. Department of restoration of social interaction of patients.
  11. Department of rehabilitation of patients with disorders of sexual life.


Reuth Rehabilitation Center in Tel Aviv is certified by Joint Commission International.

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