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Home Clinics Cardiology and cardiac surgery Asklepios Kliniken Barmbek in Germany

Asklepios Kliniken Barmbek in Germany

Hamburg, Germany

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Asklepios Klinik Barmbek - first-class therapeutic establishment, annually receiving thousands of patients from different states. Clinic operates in many medical directions, selecting competent experts in dozens of different profiles. Asklepios Barmbek is part of Germany’s largest clinical network.

Our doctors

Peter Paul Urban

  • Neurology
Hamburg, Germany
Photo of Peter Paul Urban

Andreas Gross

  • Urology and Nephrology
Hamburg, Germany
Photo of Andreas Gross

Carl Jurgen Oldhafer

  • Oncology
  • Surgery
Hamburg, Germany
Photo of Carl Jurgen Oldhafer

Axel Hilman

  • Orthopedics and Traumatology
Hamburg, Germany
Photo of Axel Hilman

Bodo Lippitz

  • Oncology
Hamburg, Germany
Photo of Bodo Lippitz

Antje Catherine-Hofel

  • Oncology
Hamburg, Germany
Photo of Antje Catherine-Hofel

Features and benefits of Asklepios Hospital Barmbek

Asklepios Barmbek was opened in 1913. Additionally to general units, it owns several divisions of an interdisciplinary type, whose specialists conduct mixed investigations in several related disciplines. Clinic itself is located in Hamburg – a very convenient location, making it easy for non-local patients to find the hospital.

  1. Asklepios Hospital is focused on foreign patients in its activities – for services quality and high experts’ professionalism, clinic was recognized as the best in patients’ opinion themselves, as evidenced by many reviews. It’s a guarantee each patient will be provided with comfortable conditions, complete safety and effective therapy.
  2. Innovative cancer elimination center with cutting-edge experts and state-of-the-art technology.
  3. Leading experts in Germany – it’s here physicians conduct their practical activities, who constantly flicker in the line of world’s best experts and scientists.
  4. Clinic has a specialized committee responsible for the overall patients’ safety – certified system for tracking meds and monitoring hospitalized patients.

Branches and centers at Asklepios Kliniken

  1. Ophthalmology.
  2. Endoscopy.
  3. Gastroenterology.
  4. Urology.
  5. Gynecology.
  6. Obstetrics direction.
  7. Reproductive medicine.
  8. Mammalogy.
  9. Prenatal division.
  10. Pneumonology.
  11. Cardiology.
  12. Oncology.
  13. Thoracic surgery.
  14. Nephrology
  15. Neurology.

Asklepios Kliniken International operates several specialized units, particularly, an oncology network and a subdivision whose experts focus on studying methods of reproductive medicine.

Narrow specialization

Asklepios Barmbek’s main specialization is investigation and development of treatment methods for oncological pathologies. Clinic has a center for cancerous tumor therapy –  a medical facility with a worldwide reputation. Center’ specialists not conduct practical therapeutic activities, but are also engaged in active scientific research.

Center has been certified by German Oncology Society. Here, experts treat all types of cancerous tumors, regardless of their stage and severity. Center is advanced with innovative apparatus meeting latest international standards. Center’s professionals have great experience for 20+ years. About sixteen thousand patients are admitted annually. Mostly, Asklepios Barmbek specializes in therapy of the following types of cancerous tumors:

  • malignant tumors in the liver and lungs;
  • digestive system and colon oncological lesions;
  • genitourinary system formations;
  • breast cancer.

Peculiarity and advantage of Asklepios Barmbek oncological division is as follows: not one specialist diagnoses and draws up a therapy plan, but a whole team of doctors – it’s called an interdisciplinary approach. Thus, experts can be sure therapies prescribed by them won’t affect other organs and systems not hit by pathology.

Center uses several methodologies of cancer therapy:

  • chemotherapy – special meds for pathologies elimination;
  • targeted cure – modern therapeutic method allowing influence healthy cells without affecting healthy ones;
  • multimodal technique – preparations for chemical therapy in combination with surgical intervention.

Clinic certification

  1. The Hamburg Asklepios Clinics is accredited by international ISO standardizer.
  2. Clinic is approved by Medical Tourism Quality Assurance Alliance – MTQA.
  3. World-renowned Focus publication has listed Asklepios Barmbek as one of the top clinical establishments globally.

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