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Gleneagles Global Health Hospital in India

Tamil Nadu, India

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Global Health Hospital - a multidisciplinary establishment located in Chennai. Global Health’s considered to be one of the best transplantation centers. The hospital is a leader in the number of successful liver transplants.Global Health physicians carried out a number of unique surgical interventions: India’s first mixed kidney and heart transplants, and country’s first minimally invasive lung transplantation. Every year, Global Health sees more than two million patients.

Our doctors

Pradeep Panigrahi

  • Surgery
Tamil Nadu, India
Photo of Pradeep Panigrahi

Jella Ramashankar

  • Transplantology
Tamil Nadu, India
Photo of Jella Ramashankar

Neil Shetty

  • Gastroenterology
  • Surgery
Tamil Nadu, India
Photo of Neil Shetty

Gande Shridhar

  • Transplantology
  • Urology and Nephrology
Tamil Nadu, India
Photo of Gande Shridhar

Y. Sandeep Reddy

  • Transplantology
  • Urology and Nephrology
Tamil Nadu, India
Photo of Y. Sandeep Reddy

Sriran Abkari

  • Surgery
Tamil Nadu, India
Photo of Sriran Abkari

Procedures and their cost

Bladder removal

$7000- $11500

Bone marrow transplantation

$22000- $119050

Brain tumor surgery

$7700- $12300

Breast augmentation

$5250- $8300

Breast cancer surgery

$4500- $5000


$1000- $1500

Corneal transplant


Coronary stenting

$3600- $5500

Da Vinci Gastric Sleeve Surgery

$6800- $10300

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery

$16000- $25000

Facelift surgery

$4000- $6900

Gastric bypass


Heart and lungs transplant

$147000- $150000

Heart transplant

$90000- $96000

Heart Valve Replacement

$6526- $9585

Herniated disc surgery

$4624- $7870

Hip replacement

$7400- $8000

Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC)

$17000- $20000

Kidney transplant

$15000- $17000

Knee replacement

$3600- $6000

Laparoscopic prostatectomy

$8017- $13438


$2850- $5000

Liver transplant

$37000- $50000

Lung transplant

$90000- $97000

Manimally invasive fusion surgery

$6300- $9500

Microsurgical intervention for Varicocele

$3500- $6100


$5350- $8800

Pancreas transplant


Pancreatic cancer surgery


Radioiodine therapy

$2300- $3500

Rhinoplasty (nose job)

$4200- $7200


$2000- $3400

Sleeve gastrectomy

$6800- $10300

Stapled Haemorrhoidectomy

$2500- $3900

Surgical treatment of epilepsy

$5400- $9700

Tummy tuck

$3900- $6900

Heart Diagnosis before OP


Female check-up


Recipient evaluation before BMT

$1300- $1700

Сomprehensive diagnosis of Leukemia


Oncological Check-up for Man


Oncological Check-up for Women


Basic check-up


Сomplex diagnosis of breast cancer

$800- $1000

Complex diagnosis of Pancreatic cancer


Comprehensive prostate cancer diagnosis

$800- $1200

Complex diagnostics of Parkinson"s disease


Complex diagnostics of thyroid


Comprehensive diagnosis of aplastic anemia

$1300- $1700

*Prices may vary depending on the state of health and the recommendations of doctors.

Fields of specialization and advantages

  1. Global Health specialists work in accordance with global protocols adopted in US and European clinics. In addition, the doctors have tremendous experience in transplantology.
  2. Modern equipment. Global Health’s equipped with modernized devices for diagnostics and treatment, in particular, TrueBeam STx for precise targeted irradiation of cancerous tumors, Da Vinci robotic systems that perform operations with microscopic incisions, and 3 Tesla Silent MRI – a device for silent diagnostics.
  3. High success rate for organ transplants. About 97% of operations pass without complications, and full organ survival is demonstrated.

Gleneagles Global Health City at Perumbakkam specializes in certain areas.

  • Heart and lungs transplantation.

Global Health specialists have performed more than two hundred successful heart and lungs transplants. Physicians work with complex cases of heart failure where conservative treatments have failed. Surgeons perform operations using a heart-lung machine. The total duration of the operation is an average of 5 hours.

Lung transplantation is mainly needed for severe pulmonary and cystic fibrosis. If in a specific clinical case a severe stage of simultaneous damage to the lungs and heart is diagnosed, then the patient needs a complex transplantation of both organs. Hospital’s doctors have been carrying out such surgeries for many years.

  • Kidney transplantation.

Hospital’s been doing kidney transplantation for 15 years. On account of its surgeons there are about 900 operations that were crowned with success. Kidney transplantation is necessary in the later stages of the development of cancerous tumors of the organ, hyperthermia of a malignant nature and chronic renal ailments. The doctors also perform combined kidneys and heart operations.

  • Liver transplantation.

Establishment occupies a forward position in India in terms of the number of liver transplants carried out – more than a thousand manipulations. Success rate is consistently high – about 95%; it is in so many cases that transplanted organs take root well in the body of recipients, and patients live with them for more than five years. Transplant operations are performed on adults and children.

Departments and centers of the hospital

  1. Plastic surgery.
  2. Reconstructive surgery.
  3. Oncological division.
  4. Pediatrics.
  5. Diabetological department.
  6. Endocrinological unit.
  7. Transplantology.
  8. Nephrology.
  9. Rheumatology.
  10. Urology.
  11. Obstetrics and monitoring of fetal development.
  12. Dermatology.
  13. Molecular and nuclear medicine.
  14. Otolaryngology.
  15. Traumatology.
  16. Gastroenterology.
  17. Endoscopy.
  18. General medicine.
  19. Ophthalmological division.
  20. Orthopedics & joints replacement.
  21. Interventional radiology.
  22. Mental health & psychiatry.
  23. Neurological unit.
  24. Neurosurgical department.
  25. Pulmonology.
  26. Gynecology.
  27. Vascular surgical division.
  28. Center for the study and therapy of diseases of the spine and spinal cord.
  29. IVF Center.
  30. Emergency Center.

Certification & professional achievements

  1. Global Health in India is certified by NABH – Indian National Board for Control. Global Health laboratories are also certified by this body.
  2. Global Health doctors were first in India to make liver transplantation using principles of cross-donation: if the donor and recipient are not compatible in terms of biological markers, then the donor is replaced with another patient. The hospital’s specialists were also first to do split-liver operation – partially organ transplantation, and India’s first single lung transplantation.

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