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LIV Clinic in Istanbul

İstanbul, Turkey

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LIV hospital - leading multidisciplinary clinical establishment in Istanbul, and one of biggest medical networks in Turkey. Using modern methodologies and therapy techniques, the clinic skillfully achieves its goals, providing reliable high-class services, always successfully combining client-oriented approaches, comfortable working conditions for experienced staff, including innovative appliances and versatility. Clinic operates in cooperation with a number of reputable universities and research centers in Turkey and abroad.

Our doctors

Gurkan Gumussuyu

  • Orthopedics and Traumatology
  • Surgery
İstanbul, Turkey
Photo of Gurkan Gumussuyu

Bulent Baysal

  • Gynecology and obstetrics
İstanbul, Turkey
Photo of Bulent Baysal

Meltem Topalgokcheli Selam

  • Oncology
İstanbul, Turkey
Photo of Meltem Topalgokcheli Selam

Ilkhan Elmachi

  • Neurosurgery
İstanbul, Turkey
Photo of Ilkhan Elmachi

Ozan Bitik

  • Cosmetology and plastic surgery
İstanbul, Turkey
Photo of Ozan Bitik

Advantages and operational features

  1. Liv Clinic is chosen by 50+ thousand people worldwide.
  2. Overall survival rate after therapies, according to statistics subdivision, exceeds 90%, which indicates the high qualification and competent professional expertise of its experts. In their practice, specialists rely on a scientific platform based on a personal integrated approach to all patients.
  3. 13,000+ surgical manipulations are performed annually at Liv Hospital.
  4. Presence and conduct of manipulations using robotic technologies, for example, Da Vinci robot, TrueBeamSTx and Akuros XB.
  5. Hospital experts have tremendous expertise – at least 10 years of professional activity. Hundreds of experts studied and completed internships in best clinical establishments and universities in America and the UK.
  6. Cozy stationary conditions help people feel as comfy as possible.

Departments and centers

  1. Anesthesiology and resuscitation.
  2. Dermatology.
  3. Otolaryngology.
  4. Emergency unit.
  5. Endocrinology.
  6. Gastroenterology.
  7. Gynecology and obstetrics.
  8. Neurosurgery.
  9. Nephrology.
  10. Neurology.
  11. Ophthalmology.
  12. Radiology.
  13. Rheumatology.
  14. Reconstructive direction.
  15. Surgical oncological unit.

LIV hospital istanbul operates a specialized Orthopedics Unit. Additionally, a modernized IVF Facility and a Bone Marrow Implantation Center were created there.

Narrow LIV specialization

  1. Orthopedics specialists actively implement AOSpine devices in their practice. They are evolved for joint arthroplasty. Thanks to 3D mechanisms, most complex joint replacements are carried out successfully.
  2. In the onco center, to remove the most dangerous and complex cancerous formations, chemotherapy is used according to the Cold Cap Therapy method, as well as ultra-precise irradiation. In the early stages of tumor development, physicians evolve Da Vinci robotic device, minimizing blood loss and shortening the rehab period.
  3. Neurosurgery experts introduce innovative techniques improving manipulation accuracy several times.
  4. LIV hospital Ulus employs experts in plastic medicine. For operations, a special three-dimensional imaging device is implemented, making it possible to see the result before surgical interventions. Physicians also specialize in non-surgical plastic methods – Ultherapy, PRP, etc.
  5. In the transplantation division, bone marrow implantation is performed.
  6. Ophthalmologists evolve all new technologies for vision correction and eye therapies. Complex ophthalmic surgeries are available here for all ages.
  7. Dentists perform facial and jaw surgery, specializing in periodontics, endodontics and child dentistry. LIV uses a new CAD/CAM technique.
  8. Neurology Unit investigates and treats complex pathologies, including epilepsy, Tourette’s syndrome and Parkinson’s pathology.
  9. Cardiologists specialize in heart ailments investigation and heart surgery implementing mechanized technologies.
  10. LIV has sports rehab center, where patients with back ache, lumbar and cervical pain, muscle injuries, sprains and fractures are treated.

Certificates & achievements

  1. LIV hospital Turkey has been approved by JCI – important international accreditation in healthcare.
  2. TUV and European ISO certificate.
  3. Excellence awards (America) in the colorectal mechanized surgery, and in bariatrics and metabolic surgical interventions were issued.
  4. “Best Patient Choice for Diagnosis” and “Best Coordination and Service for Foreigners” (Ukraine

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