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Smile Hair Clinic

İstanbul, Turkey


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Why choose the Smile Hair clinic?

A private establishment dealing with hair implantation. Leading hair-grafting specialists in Turkey – Dr. Gökay Bilgin and Mehmet Erdogan set it up. Since 2018, the hospital has been accepting people from all states. During this time, 5,000+ operations have been made here.Aesthetic combination of internal and external sensations. A wonderful opportunity for modern patients to look much better and feel confident in themselves and their image. The high patterns of the hospital, as well as the perfectionism of two world-renowned doctors, provide high-quality therapeutic operations and ways in this class.In this center, thanks to the perfectionism of two world-famous doctors, unique programs are used, thanks to which it becomes potential to accurately determine the needful transplantation techniques.Following high standards allows this clinic to select the right donor areas. Direct collection of grafts of excellent quality and vitality, which in turn means that implantation regions are always monitored and are a resource in long-term therapy and its another prospect.

Our doctors

Dr. Gekai Bilgin

  • Transplantology
İstanbul, Turkey
Photo of Dr. Gekai Bilgin

Dr. Mehmet Erdogan

  • Transplantology
İstanbul, Turkey
Photo of Dr. Mehmet Erdogan

Procedures and their cost

Fue Hair Transplant

€ 1890 – € 2690

DHI Hair Transplant

€ 2690 – € 3590

Manuel Fue Transplant

€ 3390 – € 5890

Sapphire Fue Transplant

€ 1890 – € 2690

*Prices may vary depending on the state of health and the recommendations of doctors.

Hair transplantation center: professional assistance

Clinic’s specialists accept people aged 18 to 65 years. It offers advanced treatments for alopecia – baldness. Hospital uses innovative technological devices.

Medical center has a comfortable lounge area with table tennis, football and darts. Therefore, while waiting, patients can be distracted and have a good time playing the game.

Special offers for patients

For patients of the Smile Hair clinic, the “all-inclusive” service is available. This package includes a full list of services that are necessary for a comfortable stay and effective treatment in the medical center. This includes the following.

  1. Transfer;
  2. Hotel accommodation and meals;
  3. Physician advice;
  4. Preliminary tests;
  5. Hair implantation, in particular by the FUE method;
  6. Regional anesthetizing actions;
  7. Postoperative patients’ care;
  8. Meds necessary after operation;
  9. Headband and neck pad;
  10. Cosmetic means.

Achievements and special methods of hospital in departments:

Transplantation grounded on necessary components passing from donors to recipients. Depending on the type of transplant, there may be different options that can transform your life in a new way. Autoplastic isoplantation as well as 3D printing are driving the development of this industry. Before any intervention, doctors carefully examine and diagnose the patients’ data based on their necessities. Therapy or surgical intervention are in charge further. Hair transplantation lasts 6-8 hours, using regional narcosis: patients are conscious.

Follicles are removed. Then, they are implanted. It’s performed within one intervention; surgeons unblock ducts. The final stage will be visible in 12-18 months, which gives the clinic a huge advantage in becoming a world-class hospital in order to be the most popular hospital for foreign states.

Micro-FUE technique

Micro-FUE is innovative development providing possibility to implant thousands of grafts; specialists import them from head and chin. Hair follicles received from donors are transplanted using appliance resembling a pen (sapphire end), after placing the parts in a special liquid for their shape, density and visionary qualities maintenance. After all these manipulations, they are transplanted to recipient.

All procedures associated with Micro-FUE show excellent results in the fight alopecia and its underlying genetic factor. Patients do not experience any pain or discomfort, since all manipulations are performed under regional narcosis. Experts set comfortable conditions for postsurgical phase; no scars remaining evidence the effectiveness and uniqueness of this procedure. In 4 months, healthy hair starts growing.

DHI implantation

The difference between the FUE and DHI methodologies is based on the fact that the FUE technique is faster; it’s less precise. DSHI has privilege in accuracy because of CHOI implant stick. Intensity increases gradually, but, follicles aren’t injured, and their survival can be taken as a result of success. The selection of procedures is chosen uniquely for each patient.

Summing up the results of these two methods, I would like to say that both have a place in the treatment of such a pathology as baldness or alopecia, depending on the physician opinion; based on prelim diagnostic and examinations, experts choose the transplantation strategies with immense services scope and privileges for foreign visitors.

The Primary Types of transplantation in the clinic:

  1. Sapphire FUE
  3. Dhi
  4. Hair and head Mesotherapy
  5. Body hair transplant
  6. Beard transplant
  7. Eyebrow transplant

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