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Сancer screening for women

Finding issues before they start
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About Сancer screening for women

We can arrange cancer screening for you. The package includes transfer airport-hotel-hospital-hotel-airport, translator, and local coordinator. For your convenience, we select a specialized clinic with advanced equipment and respected specialists with in-depth expertise, which allows you to undergo all medical examinations in one location.


The importance of screening for cancer

Regular cancer screening helps to avoid health risks and increase the patient’s chances for effective treatment if any health problems were identified.

Benefits of Сancer screening for women

Undergoing periodic screening tests can help detect cancer at the earliest stage, even when symptoms have not yet appeared.
When the test finds abnormal tissue or cancer timely, it greatly facilitates the process of treatment and cure.
Early screening provides early treatment and prevents disease progression.

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Frequently asked questions

  • The most frequent malignant neoplasms in women are breast, skin, and lung cancer. There are also ovarian and cervical tumors, which only affect women and are a significant cause of female morbidity in all countries. Timely detection of the disorder boosts the chances of being successfully treated.