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Robotic total hip replacement MAKOplasty

High-quality total hip replacement surgery using robotic technologies

Robotic hip replacement in clinics abroad

We want to help you get rid of pain and discomfort through the ability to do total arthroplasty using the latest robotic mechanisms. Our team offers services for organization of these operations in clinics abroad. The overall package includes the following:

  • transfer from the airport to the hospital and hotel;
  • professional translators and coordinators;
  • qualified medical personnel and medical institution of the highest level;
  • high-quality therapy, which is prescribed individually;
  • the latest equipment and cutting-edge mechanisms.

Benefits of MACOPlasty. Why do we recommend hip replacement surgery abroad?

  • Specialists can determine the most accurate and appropriate size of the prosthesis and its placement for the patient even before the start of the operation at the planning stage.
  • Bone sections are performed as accurately and flawlessly as possible in terms of their quality, while without the use of conventional cutting blocks during the operation.
  • Achievement of perfect joint balance.
  • Durable and more reliable joint structure due to the achievement of absolute harmony.
  • Fixation of the movable gap in the joint in its natural state.
  • Possibility to preserve and not damage healthy tissues and bone structures as much as possible.
  • Less time needed to stay in hospital and quick recovery.

Benefits of Robotic total hip replacement MAKOplasty

Cost of the package will be less for international patients.
The price already includes registration of the patient in the clinic, selection of a specialist, implantation and physiotherapy procedures – postoperative physiotherapy rehabilitation in 2 weeks.
In foreign clinics, minimally invasive methods for hip replacement are mainly used.
Individual selection of prostheses.
Experienced specialists who perform more than 200 operations annually.
Low level of potential complications.
Clean rooms in clinics, which helps to reduce the risk of contracting certain infections.
An accompanying person may be in the same room with the patient – this is acceptable in most foreign clinics.

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