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Manipal Hospital in India

Karnataka, India

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Manipal Hospital is located in Bangalore. It’s a private medical facility. Manipal has the status of the third biggest hospital in India. Every year more than two million patients from all over the world come here.The main specialization of doctors at Manipal Hospital is kidney and liver transplantation, treatment of oncological and infectious diseases, and orthopedics. Manipal uses one of the most effective methods of cancer therapy in the modern world - the IBM Watson AI system.

Our doctors

Monique Mehta

  • Cardiology and cardiac surgery
Karnataka, India
Photo of Monique Mehta

Aruna Mallya

    Karnataka, India
    Photo of Aruna Mallya

    Nilesh Reddy

    • Hematology
    • Oncology
    Karnataka, India
    Photo of Nilesh Reddy

    Shankar Kurpad

    • Orthopedics and Traumatology
    Karnataka, India
    Photo of Shankar Kurpad

    Abhaya Kumar

    • Oncology
    Karnataka, India
    Photo of Abhaya Kumar

    Procedures and their cost

    Procedure Angiography

    $ 2000

    Biochemical Analysis of Blood

    $ 600

    Bone Marrow Biopsy

    $ 150

    BRAF Genetic Mutation

    Price upon request

    Cancer Screening

    $ 500


    $ 300

    Colonoscopy with Biopsy

    $ 300


    $ 500

    Coronary Angiography

    $ 600

    CT Scan

    $ 300

    Fusion Biopsy

    $ 250


    $ 350

    Gastroscopy with Biopsy

    $ 350

    HLA typing

    $ 350


    $ 275

    MRI of Brain

    Price upon request

    MRI of Brain with Contrast

    $ 450

    *Prices may vary depending on the state of health and the recommendations of doctors.

    Features and clinical profile of Manipal Hospital in Bangalore

    1. Hospital’s specialists are guided by modern treatment protocols adopted at the international level.
    2. The hospital is equipped with modernized MRI/CT units, radiation therapy devices and Da Vinci robotic systems.

    Manipal works in several specialized areas.

    • Organ transplantation.

    The main specialization of the hospital doctors is kidney transplantation. Transplantation is performed from a living or dead donor. To date, more than one and a half thousand such operations have been performed in the clinic.

    Liver transplant is performed by Manipal doctors from a relative of the patient. Before the operation, diagnostics are carried out to determine whether the donor liver will take root in the recipient’s body. During transplantation, the damaged part of the liver is removed, after which it is replaced with one taken from a healthy organ. The restoration of the implanted segment takes 3-5 days.

    • Cancer therapy.

    Manipal’s specialization in this area is the treatment of cancer of the breast, colon, cervix, bladder, prostate, ovaries and testicles, lungs and thyroid. With IBM Watson, powered by artificial intelligence, doctors can choose the most effective and gentle treatments.

    IBM Watson is a computer platform designed for planning and modeling cancer therapy. This development belongs to American scientists. Patient data is entered into the program, where they are compared with 25,000 similar samples from other case histories, as well as with cases described in scientific research publications and books. As a result, IBM Watson can select the most effective treatment model.

    Manipal Bangalore Hospital experts use following therapeutic methods to fight cancer:

    1. Chemo- and radiation therapy – drug treatment and destruction of the tumor by exposing it to ionizing radiation.
    2. HIPEC is high temperature chemotherapy administered inside the peritoneum. This method is used to effectively remove metastases and prevent their migration throughout the body.
    3. Da Vinci is a robotic surgeon that removes tumors through small holes up to three centimeters in diameter. Mostly, this development is used to remove formations in the uterus, prostate and bladder.
    4. Bone marrow transplant. At Hospital Manipal, physicians transplant donor cells or autologous cells taken from the patient himself. This operation is necessary for the full restoration of hematopoietic functions.

    Hospital specialists work with clinical cases of any severity.

    • Orthopedics.

    The main specialization of the doctors of the hospital in this area is joint arthroplasty and arthroscopy.

    Joint replacement surgeries are performed in operating rooms that are equipped with modernized ortho-navigation systems. With the help of such developments, doctors can accurately locate the joint and prevent it from loosening during movement.

    Arthroscopy is performed on the shoulder and knee joints. To do this, a small incision is made through which an arthroscope, a special optical instrument, is inserted. The entire intervention process is displayed on the monitor. Such operations are sparing and less traumatic for patients. The very next day, the development of the joint begins with natural walking; at the same time, people do not feel severe pain or discomfort.

    Manipal Hospital departments and centers

    1. Center of Excellence
    2. Accident and Emergency Care
    3. Cancer Care/Oncology
    4. Cardiology
    5. Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery
    6. Gastrointestinal Science
    7. Laparoscopic Surgery
    8. Liver Transplantation Surgery
    9. Nephrology
    10. Neurology
    11. Neurosurgery
    12. Obstetrics and Gynecology
    13. Organ Transplant
    14. Orthopaedics
    15. Pediatric And Child Care
    16. Rheumatology
    17. Spine Care
    18. Urology
    19. Anesthesiology
    20. Bariatric Surgery
    21. Bone Marrow Transplantation
    22. Children’s Airway & Swallowing Center
    23. Clinical Psychology
    24. Dental Medicine
    25. Dermatology
    26. Diabetes and Endocrinology
    27. Ear Nose Throat
    28. Electrophysiology
    29. Fetal Medicine
    30. General Medicine
    31. General Surgery
    32. Genetics
    33. Geriatric Medicine
    34. Growth and Hormone
    35. Heart Care Clinic
    36. Hemato Oncology
    37. Hematology
    38. Hepatobiliary Surgery
    39. ICU and Critical Care
    40. Infectious Disease
    41. Internal Medicine
    42. Interventional Radiology
    43. IVF and Infertility
    44. Laboratory Medicine
    45. Lactation
    46. Lifestyle Clinic
    47. Liver Clinic
    48. Microbiology
    49. Neonatology & NICU
    50. Nuclear Medicine
    51. Nutrition And Dietetics
    52. Ophthalmology
    53. Pediatric Endocrinology
    54. Paediatric Surgery
    55. Pain Medicine
    56. Pathology
    57. Physiotherapy
    58. Plastic And Cosmetic Surgery
    59. Podiatric Surgery
    60. Psychiatry
    61. Psychology
    62. Pulmonology (Respiratory and Sleep Medicine)
    63. Radiology
    64. Radiotherapy (Oncology Radiation)
    65. Rehabilitation Medicine
    66. Reproductive Medicine
    67. Robotic Assisted Surgery
    68. Sports Medicine
    69. Transfusion Medicine
    70. Vascular and Endovascular Surgery

    Clinic certification

    1. Manipal Hospital at Bangalore is ISO certified for services’ quality offered to patients.
    2. It is accredited by NABL – the National Council that controls the work of laboratories – high accuracy of laboratory tests.
    3. The institution is accredited by NABH – National Board of Supervision of Clinical Services in India.

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