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Hadassah Medical Center in Israel

Tel Aviv District, Israel

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Hadassah medical center - multidisciplinary clinical establishment located in Israel. About 30% of all Israeli people are treated here. Annually, hospital’s specialists see about 1 million patients who need therapy for complex diseases. Hadassah doctors are included in ranking of world’s top specialists according to Forbes.

Our doctors

Tamara Jablonsky-Peres

  • Oncology
Tel Aviv District, Israel
Photo of Tamara Jablonsky-Peres

Reuven Or

  • Oncology
Tel Aviv District, Israel
Photo of Reuven Or

Tamir Ben-Hur

  • Neurology
Tel Aviv District, Israel
Photo of Tamir Ben-Hur

Shimon Reif

  • Gastroenterology
Tel Aviv District, Israel
Photo of Shimon Reif

Josh Schroeder

  • Surgery
Tel Aviv District, Israel
Photo of Josh Schroeder

Andrew Kay

  • Neurosurgery
Tel Aviv District, Israel
Photo of  Andrew Kay

Procedures and their cost

Angioplasty and stenting of the vertebral artery


Coronary artery bypass grafting




Brachytherapy for prostate cancer


Hysterectomy (removal of the uterus)


Knee Replacement


Hip Replacement


Intracranial angioplasty and stenting


Carotid angioplasty and stenting


Colectomy (colon resection)


Coronary stenting






Lobectomy (removal of a lung lobe)




Surgery for stomach cancer


Surgery for pancreatic cancer


Bone marrow transplantation

$190000 - $200000

Liver transplant


Revision rhinoplasty (revision rhinoplasty)




Liver resection


Kidney resection


Ear reconstruction


Rhinoplasty (nose job)



$18000 - $27500

Transluminal angioplasty and stenting


Allogeneic bone marrow transplantation from an unrelated donor

$132,969 - $200,000





Embolization of an arteriovenous malformation




Basic Check-up


Oncologist online consultation


MRI of one area


Kidney biopsy


HLA typing




Gastroscopy with biopsy


Comprehensive diagnosis of leukemia

$7000 - $10000

Liver biopsy

$2600- $7500

Infectionist consultation

$500- $600

Lung biopsy





$3000- $9500

CT (computed tomography)


Infectionist consultation

$500- $600

Lung biopsy


*Prices may vary depending on the state of health and the recommendations of doctors.

Hadassah medical center Israel: features & strengths

  1. Innovative devices for examinations and therapies. In Israel, only Hadassah has its own cyclotron. Implementing this apparatus, physicians produce radiopharmaceuticals for PET-CT.
  2. Interdisciplinary general approach. In complex operations, specialists from all areas gather and jointly decide what therapy should be prescribed to patients for a particular clinical picture. It helps to provide more efficient therapy and faster rehabilitation.
  3. Therapy of aggressive cancer diseases. Clinic’s doctors also work with little-studied pathologies, comprehensively examining them and developing therapeutic agents. Doctors implement modernized methods for such practice, particularly, cancer treatment with ultrasound (HIFU-therapy), chemoembolization and operations with the Da Vinci robot.
  4. In Hadassah, double coronary artery grafting was performed firstly in Israel. Patients who have experienced cardiac ischemia undergo coronary artery grafting using innovative technology – using miniature holes, without dissecting chest.
  5. Focus on reproductive medicine. At the maternity ward of Hadassah, there is an IVF center, a sperm bank and an ultrasound room. There’s a fertility preservation unit. Every year, gynecologists perform almost 4,000 IVF procedures.

Hadassa units and centers

Hadassah university medical center provides diagnostics and therapy of ailments in the following specializations.

  1. Neurosurgery.
  2. Pulmonology.
  3. Mammalogy.
  4. Reproductive department.
  5. Orthopedic division.
  6. Cardiac unit.
  7. Transplantation.
  8. Abdominoplasty and liposuction unit.
  9. Gynecological department.
  10. Children’s cardiac surgery.
  11. Children’s ophthalmology.
  12. Pediatric oncohematology.
  13. Rehabilitation division.
  14. Oncology center.
  15. IVF center.

Narrow specialization

  • Oncological therapy.

Oncologists of the clinic conduct examination and treatment of all types of malignant neoplasms based on evidence-based medicine, using methods such as radiation therapy, hormone therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, etc.

  • Orthopedics.

Orthopedists of the hospital perform complex operations and prosthetics for patients with tumors and inflammation of muscles and bones.

Joints are examined using the methods of arthroscopy and arthrography. After the specialist creates the correct model of the prosthesis on the computer, the joint will be replaced. Such procedures improve clarity of endoprosthesis installation and protect it from loosening.

Specialists also implement laser therapy to eliminate benign neoplasms. The method makes it possible to get rid of the tumor, while maintaining healthy cells.

  • Pediatrics.

Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem has several departments for the treatment of childhood illnesses. Cardiologists and cardiac surgeons deal with vascular and heart pathologies. Children undergo examination, treatment and are in the hospital until they recover completely. About 140 cardiac catheterizations are performed annually.

Pediatric hematologists specialize in leukemia. They also treat benign nature pathologies – thalassemia and hypoplastic anemia.


Hadassah university medical center was nominated in 2005 for the Nobel Prize for advancing clinical opportunities in its region – it was first in Israel to perform a kidney transplant and a heart transplant. Clinic performed the world’s first hip replacement using computerized mechanisms.

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