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Helios Clinics in Germany

Sachsen, Germany

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Helios Park Clinic in Leipzig - biggest clinical facility in Germany. Hospital has the status of the best national clinical institution in accordance with the international edition of Focus.Clinic’s main professional focus is hematology, cardiology, oncological pathologies therapy, orthopedics and therapy of ailments affecting the gastrointestinal system. Success of manipulations and non-invasive treatment performed at Helios Clinic in Leipzig is quite high - all interventions performed on the vessels pass without complications and have a 100% positive result; about 99% of operations aimed at eliminating formations in the stomach are also successful. Annually, about 50 thousand abroad patients turn to Helios.

Our doctors

Sergei Leontiev

  • Cardiology and cardiac surgery
Sachsen, Germany
Photo of Sergei Leontiev

Michael Bartels

  • Oncology
  • Surgery
  • Transplantology
Sachsen, Germany
Photo of Michael Bartels

Ulrich Halm

  • Gastroenterology
  • Oncology
Sachsen, Germany
Photo of Ulrich Halm

Geza Pap

  • Orthopedics and Traumatology
Sachsen, Germany
Photo of Geza Pap

Benefits and features of Helios Germany

  1. Best European experts with global accreditation. Several physicians working in Helios Leipzig have top-professionals status in accordance with opinion of competent jornal Focus. This rating includes those doctors who have performed the largest number of successful surgical interventions, actively use innovative technological developments and constantly prove themselves as investigators and participants in international symposiums.
  2. Modernized diagnostics and therapy methodologies. Annually the hospital becomes the base for 30+ international research projects. Most of these studies are devoted to the fight against cancer pathologies. Thus, patients arriving at Helios Leipzig are first to have access to new medical and therapeutic developments.
  3. Exceptionally positive feedback and high ratings from patients who have already been treated here. Helios Leipzig Herzzentrum has a committee monitoring the quality of services provided. Annually, this Committee is responsible for ensuring proper levels of patients’ satisfaction. Committee’s representatives compile reports, according to which about 93.6% of patients speak of excellent quality of therapies offered to them and the diagnostics performed.

Clinic’s departments and units

  1. Neurosurgery.
  2. Traumatology.
  3. Orthopedics.
  4. Cardiology.
  5. Oncology.
  6. Gastroenterology.
  7. Oncohematology.
  8. General surgery.

At Helios Leipzig, there’s an oncology division and a separate clinical unit dealing with the orthopedic ailments therapy and rehabilitation after heavy injuries.

Narrow professional specialization of Helios Leipzig clinic

  • Oncological pathology therapy.

Herzzentrum Leipzig Helios has a specialized oncology center. This’s an extensive structure including hematology, oncology, radiological research and therapy subdivisions, centers for investigation and elimination of cancerous tumors in the gastric tract, pancreas and intestines.

Interdisciplinary conferences are held weekly at Helios. Representatives of 15+ specializations, particularly, radiologists, oncologists and others, take part in such events. Diagnosis and clinical situation of patients is discussed separately; simultaneously, they draw up individual comprehensive therapy plans would be most effective in each case.

Mostly, experts implement meds therapy for cancers. Particularly, the following methodologies are actively used.

  1. Therapy with immune meds; its purpose is immune processes activation.
  2. Targeted method – targeted drug effect only on cells affected by malignant tumors.

Surgical method – bone marrow implantation. This procedure is prescribed for patients have undergone strong chemotherapy in high doses. Implantation helps restore normal blood flow and blood cell formation.

  • Therapy of pathologies affecting the gastrointestinal system.

Helios Park Klinikum Leipzig physicians specialize in elimination of cancers in the stomach, intestines, liver, esophagus and gallbladder. This unit has received certification from the German Oncologists Society for study and therapy of cancerous pathologies of the pancreas and colon.

Surgical interventions performed in the clinic are successful in 99%. Specialists are trying to implement modern minimally invasive techniques to achieve minimal impact on other patient’s tissues and systems.

  • Joint replacement.

Clinical endoprosthetics division at Helios Clinic Leipzig – interregional center with the appropriate certification and deals with joint implantation. Mostly, manipulations are performed using a minimally invasive methodology. Patients’ recovery after such interventions is approximately twice as fast as required after conventional operations.

Annually, experts perform 600+ hip transplants and replacements, and slightly less knee replacements.

Certification and achievements

  1. Helios Herzzentrum Leipzig is accredited by DGK – German oncologists society.
  2. Сlinic has top-institution  status according to international Focus edition.
  3. Newsweek journal named it the best clinical establishment globally in 2021.

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