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Сheck up program for men 40-64

Finding issues before they start
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Health screening for men ages 40 to 64

We can arrange a check-up for you. The Сheck UP program for men 40-64 includes transfers from airport-hotel-hospital-hotel-airport, translator, and local coordinator. For your convenience, we select a specialized clinic with advanced equipment and respected specialists with in-depth expertise, which allows you to undergo all medical examinations in one location.

Why are men's health Check Up necessary?

Regular health screening for men between 40 and 64 years of age is a proven way to easily prevent health risks as it boosts your chances for effective treatment if some issues are found.

Benefits of Сheck up program for men 40-64

Finding issues before they start.
Identify life-threatening health factors or diseases at their early stage.
Lowers the possibility of complexities by thoroughly monitoring the state of the organism.
Enhances the chance for efficient treatment.

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Frequently asked questions

  • A general check-up for men is a set of investigations aimed to find out overall physical health conditions and the potential risk factors. To check health condition, a patient undergoes a number of procedures: blood test, liver function test, kidney function test, urine test, lipid profile, chest x-ray, eyes, teeth, ear-nose-throat examinations, etc. A health check-up helps to determine disorders at the very early stage, including life-threatening conditions, that change the quality of life.

  • As stated by medical experts, the human organism is a machine that requires regular maintenance to function properly. Thus, it is recommended to undergo a comprehensive health examination at least once a year. Regular general health examination detects disorders at an early stage before they turn into a disease, ensuring timely treatment and increasing the chances for success of this treatment.

  • Given the rapid development of medicine, many illnesses can be determined very early and efficiently treated. That’s why individuals of any age and gender should have regular check-ups to ensure their health is secured.

  • A medical examination should be passed at least once a year.

  • It usually takes only one day to complete the intensive examination program, but sometimes it can take 2-3 days, depending on the program package.