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Treatment in Italy

Italian clinics aren’t inferior in quality and competence to world leaders in the medical community. In Italy, a lot of scientific research is being carried out to study rare pathologies and develop drugs that can fight them. In Italian medical institutions, innovative methods of therapy are actively used and modernized devices are used for surgery and complex diagnostics. Every year, more than 500 thousand patients from Europe pass medical treatment in Italy.

Medical tourism in Italy

The medical industry in Italy is constantly evolving and moving in parallel with global technological and scientific trends. Development of medical tourists treatment in Italy is completely supported and financed by government agencies, which also strictly monitor the compliance of industry institutions with international standards and government pricing policy.

Thus, a reliable and high-quality healthcare space has been formed there, which cannot but attract foreign patients. The Italians themselves are in second place in terms of life expectancy worldwide – 83 years, and also in terms of life-quality.

For therapy in Italian clinics, doctors use cutting-edge technological solutions and new medications. The pharmaceutical industry of the country works at the highest level, demonstrating its own efficiency and compliance with the requirements put forward for this industry. Italian doctors specialize in the following areas:

Foreign patients often travel for diabetes treatments in Italy. In the study of this disease in 2017, a large study was conducted, which included 14,775 patients. This step made it possible to update the diagnostic techniques for detecting the disease. In Italy, for patients with type 2 diabetes, bariatric surgery is available – a minimally invasive intervention on the digestive organs, which results in weight loss. Italian specialists also have experience in performing a complex and lengthy procedure of bone marrow transplantation.

Italian healthcare

Italian clinics’ physicians have a credo “health above all”: all local resources are directed to it. General healthcare mechanism in the state is trying in every possible way to encourage periodic preventive examinations, which helps to identify chronic diseases in time and prevent their further development.

Italian clinics were awarded the Gold Seal of Quality award, which is issued by JCI. The commission assessed the levels of safety and quality assurance in medical institutions: more than a hundred industries have received this certification.

The system of medical services in Italy is formed in such a way as to provide, at local level, a universal service for all citizens and foreigners by providing patients with a choice of public and private institutions. Patients may turn to private facilities of specialized physicians and diagnosticians.

Cost of treatment in Italy

Cost of medical treatment in Italy demonstrates quite decent competitiveness in comparison with other states. Among other things, this is a country with an excellent international reputation, located in the Mediterranean – the location itself is one of the important factors in pricing, since the climate and other natural features are also used as elements of therapy and rehabilitation.

The prices of treatment in Italy can be compared with Germany and Turkey, however, some aspects will be even cheaper, in particular, diagnostics and the provision of a general consultation of specialists. In general, the approximate difference is 20%.

Surgery in Italy and medical procedures

Medical institutions in Italy have rapidly gained popularity at the international level due to the unique and ultra-modern procedures that are offered within their walls. Surgeons practice the latest methods of minimally invasive surgery, in which the patient experiences the slightest injury. With this approach, the recovery period lasts much less, and the number of associated risks is significantly reduced.

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