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Treatment in Israel

Annually, 44,000+ people look for medical treatment in Israel. Local institutions follow “exemplary” standards from the point of view of specifics of the industry itself have been introduced.

Medical tourism in Israel

Today, Israel occupies top positions worldwide in the medical assistance niche. Hundreds of worldly-famous specialists come from Israel. Israel’s establishments use the largest amount of state-of-the-art appliances. Additionally, medical treatment in Israel has admission to modernized researching resources: using them, innovative therapeutic techniques are designed and implemented, as well as technological solutions. Hundreds of global innovative developments that are successfully applied in the industry were created and firstly demonstrated in Israel.

Physicians and establishments approbation is carried out only with mandatory approval of local health authorities. Personnel neglecting patients’ health and condition during the therapeutic program may be accused of abusing their status, for which, accordingly, they are liable. The key benefits of Israel for foreigners are as next-mentioned:

One of the central specialties of Israeli clinics is cardio- and neuro-surgery. In addition, highly qualified beauty surgeons and experts in reproductive medicine are working locally. One of the essential advantages for foreigners is the ability to communicate with specialists and staff in English.

Passage of diagnostics in Israel

High precision level of almost 99% is achieved thanks to high competence of physicians, over-modern appliances and the availability of modernized techniques.

  1. Local clinics implement innovative systems of MRI/CT, PET-CT, radiography, endoscopy, etc.
  2. In Israel, the technique of video-capsule endoscopy was first evolved. Also, it was in local clinics that spiroergometry, an advanced technique for examining the lungs, was one of the first to be implemented.

Cost of medical treatment in Israel

Treatment costs in Israel are an order of magnitude lower the US and some European states offer. If we compare prices for therapy in the country with the States, then in Israel this figure will be up to 50% less, depending on the type of therapy needed. Prices for diagnosis depend on examination scope and procedures involved, as well as on establishment’s pricing policies.

Cancer medical treatments in Israel

Israel holds indubitable leadership in fighting against cancerous tumors. People from all states are sent here to undergo a complete diagnosis and find a way to treat a malignant disease.

For each case, a multidisciplinary commission is assembled. Medical tourists treatment in Israel is performed strictly according to global guidelines adopted in the industry. In addition, active research is being organized in Israeli establishments, during which doctors seek to find new ways to fight cancer, even with its severe forms. Local hospitals are first to get access to new discoveries.

The following therapeutic ways for fighting cancer are used there:

Pediatrics in Israel

Main professional focus of Israeli clinics in pediatrics is therapies of heart disease, oncology and hematology. Every multi-disciplinary establishment has a pediatrics division. There are several narrow-specialized children’s centers in Israel; mostly, they are part of world-famous clinical groups.

Thirty Israeli clinics are JCI accredited. Foreigners are accepted by both public and private establishments.

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