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Сancer screening for men

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About Сancer screening for men

We can arrange cancer screening for you. The package includes transfer airport-hotel-hospital-hotel-airport, translator, and local coordinator. For your convenience, we select a specialized clinic with advanced equipment and respected specialists with in-depth expertise, which allows you to undergo all medical examinations in one location.


The importance of screening for cancer

Regular cancer screening helps to avoid health risks and increase the patient’s chances for effective treatment if any health problems were identified.

Benefits of Сancer screening for men

Undergoing periodic screening tests can help detect cancer at the earliest stage, even when symptoms have not yet appeared.
When the test finds abnormal tissue or cancer timely, it greatly facilitates the process of treatment and cure.
When the clear symptoms are already visible, the disease may have developed and spread, which makes the process of getting healthy more complicated.

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Frequently asked questions

  • In addition to skin neoplasm, the most frequent malignant neoplasm in men is cancer that occurs in the prostate. The likelihood of receiving this diagnosis grows, as a man ages. The majority of cases of this cancer are identified in men over 60.

  • This is the process of finding cancerous or abnormal cells that can turn into tumors in people who do not show signs of illness. Screening detects the disease at an early stage and increases the likelihood of successful treatment.

  • It is advised that men of 15-55 age carry out a monthly self-examination to find any changes. Such check-ups done on the regular basis after a warm shower, can help identify the tumor timely, when it is more likely to be efficiently cured. People aged 40-65 should have regular screening once a year.


    • An examination of the body to analyze signs of disease, such as lumps or any other non-typical signs.
    • An analysis of a history of the past diseases and treatments.
  • A narrow specialist start working with the patient, who will decide on further examination, verification of the diagnosis, and then treatment.