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Severance Hospital in South Korea

South Korea
Seoul, South Korea

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Severance Clinic is a multidisciplinary establishment in South Korea becoming the first to be accredited by JCI. Severance physicians see several hundreds of people annually. They perform complex operations, specializing in cardiac surgery and interventions on the spine.

Our doctors

Gong Ye Seong

  • Surgery
South Korea
Seoul, South Korea
Photo of Gong Ye Seong

Ho Ghen

  • Neurology
South Korea
Seoul, South Korea
Photo of Ho Ghen

Chang Hang Seok

  • Oncology
South Korea
Seoul, South Korea
Photo of Chang Hang Seok

Yoon Joo Sun

  • Oncology
South Korea
Seoul, South Korea
Photo of Yoon Joo Sun

Kung Ho Ra

  • Oncology
  • Urology and Nephrology
South Korea
Seoul, South Korea
Photo of Kung Ho Ra

Cho Byeong Chul

  • Oncology
South Korea
Seoul, South Korea
Photo of Cho Byeong Chul

Features of Severance in South Korea

  1. Great surgical experience. Every year, specialists perform thousands of different types of surgical interventions: surgical therapies of stomach carcinomas, prostate cancer removal, spine restoration, and so on.
  2. Severance actively uses modern technological developments in medical field. Latest equipment, particularly, modernized CT, MRI and PET-CT units, enable physicians performing accurate and fast diagnostics. Tomotherapy devices are used to eliminate cancerous tumors, irradiating only malignant cells without damaging healthy ones. Many operations are made with Da Vinci robot – a mechanized “surgeon” performing interventions with minimal incisions of 1-3 centimeters.
  3. Severance Hospital made the first heart surgery in Korea with robotized technology. Also, for the first time in Asia, specialists performed the replacement of the vertebral disc with an artificial analogue.

Departments and centers

  1. Family medicine.
  2. Gynecological unit.
  3. Reconstructive surgical unit.
  4. Neurology.
  5. Oncological division.
  6. Clinical pharmacology.
  7. Dermatology.
  8. Radiology.
  9. Infectious ailments.
  10. Endocrinology.
  11. Allergology.
  12. Immunology.
  13. Pulmonology.
  14. Center for Pediatrics.
  15. Rehab and post-therapeutic recovery center.

Narrow specialization

  • Oncological diseases.

The hospital collaborates with oncologists from the American Hopkins Institute. Thanks to such cooperation, the specialists of the clinic adopted and received practical knowledge from foreign colleagues.

The hospital’s specialists deal mainly with breast, stomach, prostate and thyroid cancers. Specialists use a modernized device for intraoperative radio irradiation IORT. The radiation source is brought as close as possible to cancer cells, which allows them to be effectively destroyed without affecting healthy tissues. This tool almost halves the time of surgical interventions and significantly reduces blood loss during surgery. Most operations are robotic; they are performed with a Da Vinci robot.

  • Spine surgical therapy.

Every year, doctors perform about one and a half thousand operations on the spine. In South Korea, Severance is the leading institution for the treatment of pinched nerves and tumors of the intervertebral discs.

  • Cardiac surgery.

Doctors specialize in therapy of acquired and congenital heart defects, coronary ailments treatment and robotized surgical interventions on heart. Severance performs heart valve replacement and repair surgeries, coronary artery bypass grafting and removal of blood clots.


  1. Seoul Severance Hospital is JCI accredited.
  2. Certification from the Korea Health Union.
  3. The clinic is included in the list of the best medical centers in the world in 2021 according to Newsweek.

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