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Treatment in Germany

Every year, 250+ thousand persons from all counties pass treatment in Germany. It has the lowest rate of errors – 0.3%. Medical treatment in Germany for foreigners is a chance to get highly-professional help from flourishing medical communities worldwide. A great advantage of medical tourism to Germany is professionalism and high qualification of physicians. Issue of education there is considered very seriously: people need 15 years to finish training and obtain the appropriate specialization..

One more essential privilege of organization of treatment in Germany is excellent fame of its establishments. They are featured in prestigious publications. Level of medicinal care in large clinics is approximately the same in all areas of medicine. Nevertheless, in a number of areas, German physicians have achieved exceptional success. Significant direction there is oncology: effective therapy of cancer pathologies, including those at severe stages of oncological ailments, attracts many people worldwide. You can also note the unsurpassed level of therapy for urological diseases, including malignant tumors of the genitourinary organs.

Medical treatment in Germany is completely supported and funded by governmental bodies. Thus, physicians and scientists have ample opportunities to conduct research, develop and test new meds and techniques. Additionally, German establishments have permanently updating equipment – it is being replaced by more progressive and smart ones. Facilities are always introducing innovative developments.

  1. Premises in local establishments are designed to provide convenient conditions for clients: lifting beds, a button to call medical personnel, Wi-Fi, TV-set, conditioning systems, bathrooms, etc. Thus, it contributes to persons not worrying about their housing and focusing on postoperative recovery.
  2. Cost of medical treatments in Germany is loyal and includes complete therapy program. Persons don’t need to turn to additional facilities.
  3. Because of the latest diagnostics systems, people may undergo a complete fied needed examination in just a few days. At the same time, doctors get accurate results.
  4. The state-of-the-art rehabilitation departments enable people to start recovery right after therapy, while staying in comfortable atmosphere. Specialized rehab programs and appliances (robotized mechanisms, exoskeletons) help people completely recover psychologically and physically. People are given SPAs, mineral springs, etc. If it’s necessary, a nutrition plan can be designed.
  5. Some states don’t need a visa for medical treatment in Germany.

What is the cost of treatment in Germany?

Cost of treatment in Germany somewhat exceeds what’s offered in several states. Some provide for the payment of a visa deposit – up to 10% of total program price. It’s worth noting that it’s still less than in USA. Treatment and diagnostics prices in Germany are approximately equal with establishments in Korea. A preliminary medical consultation will cost patients between 300-700 euros. In its realization, it’ll be clarified needed examination.

Medical treatment for foreigners in Germany: establishments’ types

Proprietary establishments, university and state institutions exist there. The second ones have research divisions, which develop and test new meds, study pathologies and search for new techniques for ailments.

Private medical treatment in Germany evolves perfectly-qualified – experts and researchers globally renowned. Because such institutions get considerable investments, services in them are better.

Pediatrics in Germany

Child cardiology surgical divisions are famous worldwide. Plenty of children pass medical treatments in Germany annually. Particularly, experts deal with tough forms of heart ailments and similar pathologies.

Success of physicians in fighting against neurological pathologies is widely famed. German researchers are constantly working on improving therapeutic ways of treating cerebral palsy, short stature, etc. In rehabs, recovery therapies are also offered for newborns. We should mention, medical treatment cost in Germany also counts whether people need significant recovery or not.

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