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Anova IRM Clinic in Germany

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Anova IRM Stem Cell Center is an institution for cellular, translational and regenerative medical practices in Germany. It’s located in Frankfurt-Offenbach. This private institution has received the status of best and efficient guarantors of innovative therapeutic methods: their clinical principles lie in stem cells usage. Institution accepts people from all over the world. Anova IRM reviews say about long-perspective and highly-qualitative results achieved by clinic’s experts.

Our doctors

Prof. Dr. mult. Michael K. Stehling

  • Hematology
Photo of Prof. Dr. mult. Michael K. Stehling

Sarah Sabow

  • Hematology
  • Oncology
Photo of Sarah Sabow

Johannes Atta, MD

  • Hematology
  • Oncology
Photo of Johannes Atta, MD

Anova IRM Stem Cell Center review: main directions and specialization

Anova’s clinic and team of specialists are led by Dr. Michael K. Stehling and Dr. Johannes Attoy. The clinic’s physicians and researchers are the world’s leading scientists and specialists, working closely together to give people personalized cures of highest level. Medical innovations, reliable and high-precision methods of diagnosis and treatment, world-famous specialists, as well as modern technological equipment and a first-class level of service – all this determines the trust of the center’s clients and the highest results. Germany Stem Cell Clinic’s major core areas of activity are next-mentioned.

  1. Therapies for chronic, orthopedic and inflammatory ailments.
    • Specialists provide comprehensive therapies complex for orthopedic ailments and trauma, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, tendon and ligament ruptures, and trauma to the knees, spinal cord and back. In addition, the clinic’s team of specialists provides efficient stem cell therapeutic programs aimed at treating sclerosis and Parkinson’s ailment.
  2. Anti-aging therapy.
    • Functional deficiency, manifested in the form of ailments at macroscopic levels, giving effect to tissues and organs, is observed with age-related modifications. Such cellular and molecular modifications lead to genetic, metabolic, immunological, etc. pathologies. ANOVA IRM Germany specialists have been working for many years to create and widely implement innovative anti-aging mechanisms. Complex therapies to counteract age-related changes includes the following procedures:
    • weight trainings, aerobics, stretchings, flexibility and musculoskeletal balance-level;
    • metabolics processes optimization;
    • hormone levels optimization or replacement;
    • senescent cells removal;
    • secretome stem cells therapeutic programs;
    • systemic use of local drugs, in particular for skin and hair.
  3. Erectile dysfunction fighting.
    1. Germany Stem Cells Center’s specialists offer therapeutical methods to eliminate problems as erectile malfunction, including normalization of physical and psychological aspects.
  4. Prevention and recoveries after strokes.

Features of Stem Cell Germany Center

Anova Institute for Regenerative Medicine is a pioneer in the implementation of innovative unique techniques and progressive regenerative mechanisms to treat a wide range of diseases. This is the first European medical institution to demonstrate newly advances in use of stem cells: particularly, proprietary secretome therapeutical program. Nowadays, this’s most innovative therapeutical technology worldwide utilizing true natural properties of highly concentrated stem cells.

  1. Bone marrow therapies.
    • BMC is almost uninvasive, innovative approach to providing one-time cure for local dysfunctions. In particular, BMC is used to improve the overall orthopedic condition and reduce painful feelings experienced by the patient due to osteo-arthritis, and to promote healing after trauma to tendons and ligaments, hip joints, intervertebral discs or backbone.
  2. PRP implementation – platelet-rich plasma.
    • This’s use of highly effective cells compound that is received from blood of patients. PRP can be produced easily and quickly, which is also less expensive and highly beneficial to modern medicine. Product holds beneficial growth and restoration elements, effectiveness of which has been proven in many areas of clinical use, in particular in orthopedics, wound healing and cosmetic purposes.

Stem Cells Germany Center’s specialists collaborate with global medical centers in Europe, directing joint efforts to develop new and more efficient cure programs implementing stem cells. Center adheres to the principles of particular approach to diagnosis and people’s cure, has most modern equipment and provides the highest level of service. Cure program is compiled particularly for every person, based on the results of comprehensive diagnostics, which is also carried out in the clinic. New and high-tech equipment is used for diagnostics.

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