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Israeli Assuta Hospital

Tel Aviv District, Israel

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Assuta Hospital - biggest private Israeli medical establishment. Thousands of people are diagnosed and treated here annually. Service level and safety therapy are confirmed by global certificates.Assuta Tel Aviv - complex of medical units; it was established in 1934, and now is gaining more popularity constantly thanks to the professionalism of experts and a high percentage of operations effectiveness.

Our doctors

Moshe Inbar

  • Oncology
Tel Aviv District, Israel
Photo of Moshe Inbar

Ilya Pekarsky

  • Neurosurgery
Tel Aviv District, Israel
Photo of Ilya Pekarsky

Eli Ashkenazi

  • Neurosurgery
Tel Aviv District, Israel
Photo of Eli Ashkenazi

Izhar Fluman

  • Surgery
Tel Aviv District, Israel
Photo of Izhar Fluman

Jonathan Lahav

  • Surgery
Tel Aviv District, Israel
Photo of Jonathan Lahav

Ella Tepper

  • Oncology
Tel Aviv District, Israel
Photo of Ella Tepper

Aaron Amir

  • Cosmetology and plastic surgery
Tel Aviv District, Israel
Photo of Aaron Amir

Gilad Ben Baruch

  • Oncology
Tel Aviv District, Israel
Photo of Gilad Ben Baruch

Procedures and their cost





Implantation of the ApiFix system


Brachytherapy for prostate cancer


Intraperitoneal chemotherapy HIPEC







$3800- $5000

Immunotherapy for prostate cancer


Wedge resection of the lung


Conization of the cervix


Coronary stenting


Laparoscopic prostatectomy


Radiation therapy for prostate cancer


Minimally invasive spinal fusion (fusion of the number of vertebrae)


Mohs microsurgical operation


Nano knife


Surgery for breast cancer


Prostatectomy with da Vinci robot


Radioiodine therapy


Resection of the large intestine


Da Vinci robotic system

$26000- $32000

Segmental lung resection




Transsphenoidal hypophysectomy (adenomectomy)




Breast augmentation


Removal of an ovarian cyst


Removal of an intervertebral hernia


Removal of a brain tumor


Chemotherapy for laryngeal cancer


Chemotherapy for stomach cancer


Chemotherapy for lung cancer


Chemotherapy for uterine cancer


Chemotherapy for prostate cancer


Brain Tumor Surgery


Wide excision of melanoma




Revision of histological material




Ophthalmologist's consultation




Urologist's consultation


Gynecologist's consultation


Comprehensive diagnosis of breast cancer

$3000- $5000

MRI of one area


Chest CT


Cardiologist's consultation


Blood test for hormonal profile


Otolaryngologist's consultation


Lumbar point


Endoscopic ultrasound


Transrectal ultrasound

$1100- $1110

PET-CT with Gallium 68 (PSMA)


Spot radiography


Preoperative diagnosis of the heart


MRI of the spine


Dermatologist's consultation


Radiologist consultation


Comprehensive diagnosis of thyroid cancer

$2000- $3500

Consultation of an orthopedist-traumatologist


Comprehensive diagnosis of thyroid disease

$3700- $4800

Comprehensive diagnosis of multiple sclerosis

$4500- $5600

Comprehensive diagnosis of prostate cancer


Comprehensive diagnosis of lung cancer


Comprehensive diagnosis of Parkinson's disease

$4500- $6000

Colposcopy with biopsy


*Prices may vary depending on the state of health and the recommendations of doctors.

Beer-Sheba hospital advantages and features

  1. Examination and therapies are carried out on modernized appliances, particularly, among others, the clinic’s experts actively implement Da Vinci robotic devices for surgical manipulations, cutting-edge CT and MRI, etc. Beer Sheba Hospital has at its disposal innovative and most complete mechanisms among all medical centers in the Middle East.
  2. Every two years, Assuta upgrades clinical devices to be parallel with innovative trends in modern therapy.
  3. 1500+ competent physicians operate there; several experts work on each clinical case – it provides an integrated approach.
  4. Communication Assuta department functions around the clock; thanks to it, hospital quickly responds to all requests from potential clients, so you can go for therapy within a few days after applying.

Branches & centers

  1. Neurosurgical unit.
  2. Cardiac surgical department.
  3. Maxillofacial surgical unit.
  4. Phlebology.
  5. Oncological direction.
  6. Pediatric oncounit.
  7. Oncohematology.
  8. Otorhinolaryngology.
  9. Orthopedics.
  10. Gynecological business.
  11. Spine surgery.
  12. Bariatrology.
  13. Mammary glands surgery.
  14. Ophthalmological division, etc.


Assuta Israel operates an internationally recognized and accredited IVF center.

Narrow clinic’s specialization

  1. Oncologists carry out modernized mechanical therapy of cancer pathologies; treatment effectiveness at the first stages of ailments development is 90%. Specialists conduct chemotherapy, immune, hormonal and targeted therapies. Irradiation is used using modern TrueBeam apparatus. This device acts with great precision on malignant neoplasms and preserves healthy cells.
  2. Neurosurgeons are effectively fighting cerebrum formations thanks to Navigator system implementation. For tumor therapy without surgery, the innovative development of Cyber-Knife has evolved. Doctors also specialize in intervertebral hernias and other complex manipulations.
  3. In Cardiac Surgery Division, many serious interventions take place – heart valve repair and replacement, ballooning and stenting, and Micra pacemaker capsule transplantation.
  4. Orthopedic Unit performs joint arthroplasty. Experts carry out diagnostics, and based on MRI images; they develop a three-dimensional prostheses model. Shoulder joints are treated with the new InSpace Balloon technology – it minimizes bone friction and regulates joint movements, returning a person to normal life quickly.
  5. At the sports medicine center, specialists help restore tendons and ligaments by implementing arthroscopic methods or surgical interventions. Physicians use innovative ligament reduction technology created in the USA. In case of injuries, this method helps to strengthen and restore the tendons using special threads implanted under the skin.
  6. IVF experts perform 7+ thousand fertilization cycles annually – it’s 25% of all cases in Israel. Assuta Hospital Haifa is included in the top five world specialized establishments for artificial insemination. Assuta implements an ultra-modern incubator-embryoscope with a camera that constantly monitors the embryo and displays all the data on the monitor screen. According to these data, doctors can assess the level of embryo development and calculate the correct time for transplanting it into the mother’s body.


Assuta Hospital Israel has the competent US JCI approbation (2001) – it proves that therapies, devices and experts’ professionalism being in accordance with international standards and norms.

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