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Helios Hospital in Munich

Bayern, Germany

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Helios Germany Clinic in Munich - first-class medical establishment in Germany, whose experts conduct research on clinical pathologies at a high level and work on the development of latest therapy methodologies. It’s a large team of qualified specialists with vast expertise. Helios Munich is multidisciplinary and participates in a network of biggest clinical centers in Germany.Along with practical activities, Helios actively participates in investigation activities. Modernized mechanical technologies and latest medications are being introduced at Helios Hospital in Munich, giving clinic’s experts the opportunity to successfully treat ailments affecting the cardiovascular system, oncological and gynecological pathologies. Operations are mainly performed by minimally invasive tequinics. Helios Munich offers its patients the highest quality level in diagnostics, therapy programs and aftercare.

Our doctors

Ulrich Linsenmeier

  • Oncology
Bayern, Germany
Photo of Ulrich Linsenmeier

Christopher Reitmann

  • Cardiology and cardiac surgery
Bayern, Germany
Photo of Christopher Reitmann

Erich Bilesh

  • Surgery
Bayern, Germany
Photo of Erich Bilesh

Daniel Lonik

  • Cosmetology and plastic surgery
Bayern, Germany
Photo of Daniel Lonik

Thomas Stark

  • Oncology
  • Surgery
Bayern, Germany
Photo of Thomas Stark

Reinhard Wolf

  • Gynecology and obstetrics
  • Surgery
Bayern, Germany
Photo of Reinhard Wolf

Features and benefits of Helios Munich Clinic for international patients

  1. High percentage of therapy success and stable performance – hospital occupies a leading position in the ranking of top regional clinical establishments.
  2. Flagship of German centers involved in vascular surgery – qualified otolaryngologists, vascular and joint surgeons work in Helios Klinik Munchen, in accordance with Focus magazine opinion.
  3. Certification from global leading medical corporations and quality standardizers.
  4. Individual program for each patient staying there. Helios Munich develops and prescribes comprehensive therapies, care and recovery plans for patients undergoing treatment. Particularly, special attention is paid to menu diversity, taking into account patients’ wishes, clinical indications and habits.
  5. For foreign patients’ convenience, there are several cafes, shops and ATMs on its territory.
  6. Volunteers overseas patients around the clock, provide meet and greet services for them; a volunteer team can run small errands and provide psychological support services if needed.

Departments and centers at Helios Clinic in Munich

  1. Gastroenterology.
  2. Anesthesiology.
  3. Hematology.
  4. Cardiac surgery: adult and pediatric.
  5. Dermatology.
  6. Oncology: children and adults.
  7. Cardiology.
  8. Dietology.
  9. Mammalogy.
  10. Neurology.
  11. Neurosurgery.
  12. Oncohematology.
  13. Nephrology.
  14. Traumatology.
  15. Orthopedics.
  16. Ophthalmology.
  17. Psychiatry.

At Helios Clinic in Munich, several specialized centers operate, particularly, intensive care and cardiology, radiological research unit, reconstructive surgery and gynecology.

Narrow Helios Munich specialization

  • Gynecology.

It has a specialized Gynecology and Women’s Health Division. Patients suffering from urinary incontinence, pelvic floor dysfunction, oncological pathologies, with advanced inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system and pelvic muscles flabbiness turn to experienced specialists.

Helios Hospital München West experts provide comprehensive clinical services, working with even the most heavy oncology cases hitting female genital organs. Radiation therapy and endoscopic surgery are implemented as therapeutic methodologies there. Each manipulation is planned individually: from preparatory stages to postoperative recovery. Physicians are turning to chemotherapy as a more benign treatment method, as the clinic tests and uses modern meds aimed at destroying only diseased cells and protecting healthy ones.

  • Aesthetic and reconstructive surgical interventions.

Doctors of this Helios Munich unit specialize in performing manipulations to restore aesthetic appearance and functions, and in providing a wide range of reconstructive surgery services. Specialists apply new technological developments and hardware techniques to ensure the highest therapy standards, helping to improve patients’ quality of life.

In therapies of congenital malformations or modifications acquired after trauma or tumors’ development, experts evolve interdisciplinary approaches, helping to choose solutions of the problem in a complex manner.

  • Visceral surgery.

Helios Clinic in Munich specializes in therapy of pathologies affecting abdominal organs, particularly, offering a wide range of abdominal surgical therapies. Experts implement gentle technological procedures for diagnosis and cure. Mostly, these are modern minimally invasive methodologies. Main clinic’s direction is to identify development roots and therapy grounds of cancerous tumors of intestines.

Clinic certification

  1. Helios Klinik München West is certified by Baylor Medicine College (USA).
  2. Accreditation and approval of German Medical Society.
  3. Award from Association of European Medical Sphere for achievements in diabetes study.
  4. German Oncology Society accreditation.

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