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Swiss Medica Clinic in Serbia

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Specialists at Swiss Medica Clinic offer a broadly comprehensive and tailored approach to particular needs of patients, aimed at therapeutic and post-rehabilitation therapies for arthritis, type 2 diabetes, sclerosis, autism, Parkinson’s disease, strokes and other ailments. They specialize in intractable chronic ailments, providing patients with help in fighting them and getting their condition and life quality better. Technical base is equipped with advanced types of equipment from world famous manufacturers. Patients are received by a team of experienced professionals.

The main specialization of Swiss Medica Clinic in Serbia

Main profile areas of institution are as follows.

  • Intractable chronic ailments.

As a rule, ailments in this category mainly affect older people and are associated with age. However, in recent years, doctors have noted a tendency for these diseases to occur in people being in age group of >25. Particularly, these’re dysfunctions of musculoskeletal system (difficulties in functioning and general condition of muscles, ligaments and joints), atherosclerosis, 2-type diabetes mellitus and other ailments. Chronic ailments are difficult to cure. In most cases, physicians may only reverse symptomatology and keep ailment progression out.

Clinic’s specialists have developed unique therapeutic techniques to combat and cure chronic diseases. This area has become a priority for the clinic. The main operating principle is to guarantee reliable, timely and highly professional care. Patients can undergo diagnostics and receive professional advice on cure and prevention of almost any ailment. Physicians work with people fighting with next-mentioned ailments.

  1. Ailments affecting digestive system: Crohn’s disease, cirrhosis and steatosis of the liver, ulcerative colitis, pancreatitis, etc.
  2. Respiratory: rhinitis, sarcoidosis, sinusitis, asthma and others.
  3. Rheumatic: scleroderma, dermatomyositis, arthritis, lupus and vasculitis.
  4. Endocrine: 2-type diabetes, obesity, hypothyroidism and others.
  5. Musculoskeletal: dorsopathies, osteoarthritis, elimination of complications arising after sports injuries.
  6. Cardiovascular: endarteritis, atherosclerotic vascular disease, coronary heart disease, trophic ulcers, cardiac rehabilitation after a heart attack, heart failure, dementia, peripheral neuropathy, encephalopathy, amyotrophy, Parkinson’s disease, recovery after stroke.
  • In addition to treating chronic diseases, the clinic also specializes in the following.

Procedures and therapeutic methods aimed at preventing and slowing down the mechanisms of aging.

Swiss Medica clinic specialists developed and implemented innovational methods that are implemented for helping human organisms to slow down immutable age-connected modifications. Anti-aging procedures, which are implemented in the clinic, assist the body to rejuvenate internally, and also include cosmetic manipulations to restore and maintain youth. Swiss Medica specialists help people feel energetic and have a younger life.

The clinic’s doctors select a particular set of procedures based on the general health of patients and the goals they want to achieve. Each of the developed rejuvenation programs includes manipulations aimed at overcoming inner and external aging manifestations.

Features of Swiss Medica anti-aging therapies

  1. An intensive and long course of cure, resulting in long-perspective and efficient results.

Therapies include two stages. At the first stage, anti-aging programs begin with inner rejuvenation protocols. In particular, IMR (disease control and restoration) methodologies, physio-therapeutic manipulations and specially developed drugs are implemented. People also undergo individually selected courses of cosmetic manipulations, selected taking into account the necessities and general body and skin conditions. At the second stage, recovery occurs after procedures.

  1. Unique techniques that allow you to achieve whole rejuvenation in shortest possible period.

The main rejuvenation protocols concentration point is on hardware rejuvenation mechanisms, cosmetic manipulations, and individual selection of medications and skin care means. Swiss Medica Stem Cell Clinic actively implements a wide range of agents in the implementation of its therapies: stromal vascular fractions, autologous platelet concentrate, fibroblasts and drugs developed on the basis of tissues taken from umbilical cord and placentas.

  1. Therapies with magnesium.

One of the key goals, among other things, is the preclusion of diseases through internal refreshment of cells and tissues.

  1. IMR (disease control and recovery) therapies.

IMR is aimed at stimulating metabolism, improving functional abilities of mitochondria and preparing organisms for therapeutic manipulations. Carrying out these therapies provide help in significantly increasing effectiveness of procedures programmed as part of the treatment course.

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