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International HM Clinic

Comunidad de Madrid, Spain

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Network of several clinics placed in Madrid, Leon and Galicia. HM hospital - internationally and nationally accredited and highly respected and trusted by the local community.Each clinic provides quality services, focused on patients, and based on the practical and research professionals activities. HM go hand in hand with technological innovations in their practice, using them in therapeutic methods development. HM network is famed worldwide for significant advances in medical industry, patient-centered policies and a high guarantee of service security.Today, the total number of specialists working in HM clinics is about four thousand qualified physicians. Additionally to hospitals in Madrid, Galicia and Barcelona, ​​ the network has founded several centers with a narrow direction, particularly, neurological pathologies, infertility and oncological tumors study and treatment. Clinics coordinate activities, providing patients with complex therapy.

Our doctors

International HM Clinic

  • Oncology
Comunidad de Madrid, Spain
Photo of International HM Clinic

Jorge Diamantopoulos

  • Neurosurgery
Comunidad de Madrid, Spain
Photo of Jorge Diamantopoulos

Gontrand Lopez-Nava

  • Gastroenterology
Comunidad de Madrid, Spain
Photo of Gontrand Lopez-Nava

Jose Angel Obeso

  • Neurology
Comunidad de Madrid, Spain
Photo of Jose Angel Obeso

Alejandro J. Antoli-Candela

  • Surgery
Comunidad de Madrid, Spain
Photo of Alejandro J. Antoli-Candela

Eva Maria Siruelos

  • Oncology
Comunidad de Madrid, Spain
Photo of Eva Maria Siruelos

Ochoa Mulas Martha

  • Neurology
Comunidad de Madrid, Spain
Photo of Ochoa Mulas Martha

Procedures and their cost

Consultation with a neurologist


Extended analysis of blood

$1047 - $2147

MRI of one area


Brain tumor surgery

$33526 - $38765

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery

$45051 - $54481

Lumbar puncture


Treatment of drug addiction


*Prices may vary depending on the state of health and the recommendations of doctors.

Fundamentals of HM Spain clinics. Benefits for patients

HM network offers latest, modernized diagnosis mechanisms through which specialists obtain extremely informative visualization in 3D images. It permits precise and faster diagnostic.

  1. HM clinics are equipped with vertical X-ray machines for diagnosing musculoskeletal pathologies. It enables specialists to obtain complete bones images. Total process duration is only twenty seconds, without causing an attack in patients with claustrophobia – diagnosis intension and quality doesn’t weaken.
  2. Cure for people is developed by leading experts in the medical industry, particularly, professors, best investigators and highly specialized physicians. They consult patients at every stage of therapy, carefully monitor the treatment course and organism reaction, prescribing the necessary post-therapeutic care.
  3. HM network specialists effectively combine scientific and practical activities to develop progressive therapeutical and surgical techniques for heavy pathologies elimination.
  4. Onward ways of treating illnesses, which are immediately used in practice by Spanish experts.
  5. HM clinics are known for their distinct patient-centered approach, innovative methods and innovative devices.
  6. Network clinics are in close partnership and scientific relations with each other, exchanging experience and medical achievements.
  7. Various programs for a complete organism diagnosis, allowing for a comprehensive examination, based on patients’ budget.

One of HM Hospitals Spain became basis for opening a facility specializing in cardiovascular pathologies elimination. Complex diagnosis and therapy cycles are provided here. Robotized laboratory is actively working: an electrophysiological heart study is performed and individual cure plans are selected. Physicians support patients until complete recovery and consult for some time after.

Main departments and activities of HM hospitals

Each of HM Hospitales has its own narrow specification; hospitals work in general areas looking as follows.

  1. Gynecology and obstetrics.
  2. Infertility treatment.
  3. Pediatrics.
  4. Mammalogy.
  5. Infectious department.
  6. Cosmetology and plastic surgery.
  7. Studying obesity causes; development of effective cure methods and metabolic processes improvement.
  8. Traumatology.
  9. Endocrinology.
  10. Radiology.
  11. Surgery: neurovascular, cardio, etc.
  12. Angiology.
  13. Psychiatry.
  14. Dental practice.

Hospital HM network has several rehabilitation centers where patients receive first-class post-therapeutic care. It founded a blood donation center, microbiology laboratories, a brain pathology center, physiotherapy centers and other structures.

HM Medical Network achievements. Certification

Hospitales HM implemented and introduced an Environmental Management System covering centers and other medical structures activities. System is DIN-EN ISO 14001 certified. Along with this, specialists controlling occupational risks prevention and safety level within the clinical environment implemented Employee Safety Management System – OHSAS 18001 certification.

  1. Clinics are accredited by EU Foundation for Quality Management in Medical Industry – EFQM.
  2. Company certification of independent auditors of Germany.
  3. HM has been named the best clinical facilities worldwide in 2021; it was published in Newsweek magazine, USA.
  4. Distinction of Club of Advanced Technological Developments in Management (CEG) is a confirmation of advanced clinical expertise and global HM structures recognition.

HM clinics specialization and professional orientation

Professionals of HM hospitales Madrid implement in their praxis technological developments – unique ones of their kind in Spain. For cerebrum pathology diagnosis, doctors involve PET-MRI Siemens Healthcare – device with high accuracy and intensity, unique in nature and not used anywhere else.

In neuro ailments cure, HM doctors use the highly effective HIFU methodology, which is ultrasound. HM Center for Neurological Pathologies Study uses its own outstanding techniques to combat Parkinson’s illness and epilepsy – stereotaxic surgery, subpial tracing, etc. HM Madrid Hospitales are actively supporting robotic technologies, including many operations performed using the Da Vinci robot, a modern innovation that has stirred up the medical community.

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