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Haldent Clinic in Poland

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This clinical institution is an innovative project. Each office where Haldent Poland receives patients and operating rooms are equipped with the latest dental technology, and doctors working in this medical center constantly undergo advanced training courses, attend various master classes, and also study the latest technologies and complex cases in the dental industry. All of the above helps the clinic provide the highest quality services and cure the most complex diseases of the teeth and oral cavity.

Our doctors

Hubert Trzepatowski

  • Dentistry
  • Surgery
Photo of Hubert Trzepatowski

Agnieszka Trzepatowska

  • Dentistry
Photo of Agnieszka Trzepatowska

Lisa Trshepatowska

  • Cosmetology and plastic surgery
  • Dentistry
  • Surgery
Photo of Lisa Trshepatowska

Beata Ramut

    Photo of Beata Ramut

    Innovative methods that Haldent Krakow uses in its practice

    The clinic’s specialists use the latest technological developments in the field of dentistry in their practice.

    1. Prosthetics using the Toronto bridge method – All-on-4. This method is intended for patients who have completely lost teeth and those whose teeth will be removed. It involves installing 4 implants on 1 dental arch, and then a Toronto bridge prosthesis is screwed to these implants using a non-removable mechanism.
    2. Analgosedation/intravenous sedation. This manipulation is aimed at eliminating anxiety and ensuring patient comfort during the dental procedure. This method involves intravenous administration of drugs in fractionated doses, selected individually.

    The clinic’s specialists provide not only comprehensive practical assistance, but also provide consultations regarding any issues in the field of pediatric and adult dentistry.

    Areas of activity of the clinic

    Conservative dentistry and endodontics.

    • Treatment of caries by air-abrasive treatment.
    • Prevention of caries: filling and varnishing of teeth.
    • Session treatment of caries under anesthesia and reconstruction of cavities with light-curing materials.

    Aesthetic dentistry.

    • The procedure for reconstructing damaged teeth on fiberglass.
    • Endodontic treatment using a microscope.
    • Treatment of hypersensitivity.
    • Installation of veneers. Implementation of E-max Veneer Krakow Poland Flow injection Krakow Poland.
    • Removal of dental plaque and sandblasting.
    • Teeth whitening procedure.

    Children’s dentistry.

    • Informing about proper hygiene.
    • Fluoridation procedure.
    • Dental sealing procedure.
    • Curing caries using colored fillings.
    • The procedure for removing baby teeth.
    • Orthodontic treatment of the oral cavity.


    • Installation of removable or non-removable micro-implant insertion Poland in places where teeth are missing. The clinic uses high-quality materials from which a dental implant Krakow is individually made.
    • Installation of crowns and bridges. Specialists can install a zirconia crown Poland Krakow, as well as use other materials at the discretion of clients.
    • Carrying out reconstructions on implants.
    • Use of relaxation splints.
    • Changing the position of the implants.


    • Removal of wisdom teeth through surgery.
    • Surgical removal of impacted teeth Poland Krakow.
    • Root tip resection.


    • Implantations of various levels of complexity.
    • Bone tissue augmentation using your own or artificial bone.
    • Raising the bottom of the bay.
    • Carrying out dental reconstruction.


    • Oral hygiene.
    • Supragingival and subgingival peeling.
    • Curettage.
    • Treatment of gum recession.
    • Crown lengthening procedure.


    • Installation of removable and fixed braces.
    • Radiology.
    • Spot and panoramic photographs of the dental cavity.

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