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Dental Uśmiechu Centrum in Krakow

Małopolskie, Poland

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Uśmiechu Dental Center is located in Krakow. This medical institution covers various dental practices, including surgical treatment and aesthetic corrective surgeries.The services provided by this center are considered to be among the most high-tech and the best in terms of quality in Poland. This led to the recognition of the center by the world dental communities and the influx of a large number of patients from different countries. Uśmiechu specialists perform dental implants and prosthetics, work in the field of maxillofacial surgery and pediatric dentistry. A special specialization of the center is orthodontics; In addition, Dental clinic in Krakow has become widely known thanks to successful and cutting-edge cosmetic procedures, in particular, the installation of veneers, the development of an individual digital smile design and the replacement of damaged teeth with all-ceramic crowns.

Our doctors

Tomas Rozwadowski

  • Dentistry
Małopolskie, Poland
Photo of Tomas Rozwadowski

Joanna Rozwadowski

  • Dentistry
Małopolskie, Poland
Photo of Joanna Rozwadowski

Coraline Martyniuk

  • Dentistry
Małopolskie, Poland
Photo of Coraline Martyniuk

Mikhail Chernilevski

  • Dentistry
Małopolskie, Poland
Photo of Mikhail Chernilevski

Eva Michek

  • Dentistry
Małopolskie, Poland
Photo of Eva Michek

Lukasz Yarmula

  • Dentistry
Małopolskie, Poland
Photo of Lukasz Yarmula

Procedures and their cost

First-time general dental review

PLN 120

Specialist consultation

from PLN 180

Interdisciplinary treatment plan (examination, model analysis, treatment plan)

PLN 270


from PLN 290

Root canal treatment

from PLN 800

Traditional anesthesia

from PLN 55

Wand computer anesthesia

from PLN 80

Child's adaptation visit without treatment

PLN 170 (for new patients)

Adaptation visit with treatment

PLN 120 + cost of treatment

Child check-up

PLN 120 (without treatment)

Child control visit - with treatment

PLN 70 + cost of treatment

Filling in a milk tooth

from PLN 210

Permanent tooth filling

from PLN 290

Removal of a milkma

PLN 180


PLN 220


PLN 55

Digital impression and digital models

PLN 270

Individual DSD smile design

PLN 900

Wax-up (1 arch)

PLN 1,300

Wax-up (2 arches)

PLN 2,400

Bridges and crowns

from PLN 1,400


PLN 1,300


from PLN 750

Tooth removal

from PLN 290

Retained tooth removal

from PLN 650


from PLN 3,200

Hygienization visit according to the GBT protocol (examination + sandblasting + scaling, polishing, fluoridation)

PLN 420


from PLN 220


from PLN 280

Teeth whitening

from PLN 1,200

Orthodontic consultation

PLN 200

Fixed metal device

from PLN 2,900

Aesthetic fixed appliance

from PLN 4,400

Mobile devices

from PLN 850

Invisaglin camera

from PLN 5,500

Computed tomography 1 arch

PLN 280

Computed tomography 2 arcs

PLN 360

Cephalometric image

PLN 150

Panoramic photo

PLN 130

Consultation of an aesthetic medicine doctor

PLN 200

Trichological consultation

PLN 200


from PLN 750


from PLN 500

Lip modeling

from PLN 1,200

*Prices may vary depending on the state of health and the recommendations of doctors.

Features of the functioning of Galeria Uśmiechu Krakow. Professional orientation

  1. Installation of implants.

Uśmiechu specialists have received worldwide recognition for the high-quality implementation of dental implants to restore patients to their former comfort and aesthetic confidence after the loss of natural teeth. The center uses titanium implants. They are inserted into the maxillary bone.

Titanium is a biocompatible material that is able to fully integrate with natural bone tissue. The outer part of the implant is a porcelain crown, which is identical in shape and color to the patient’s natural dentition. After the procedure, patients are provided with a course of professional care.

  1. Whitening of tooth enamel.

Centrum Stomatologii Estetycznej w Krakowie uses advanced solutions to whiten tooth enamel and restore its aesthetic appearance. In particular, specialists use the Beyond Technology method – an absolutely safe, painless and 100% effective way to whiten crowns, enamel and dental bridges. A whitening gel is placed on the surface of the tooth, after which it is activated with a special lamp. The degree of improvement in the color of the enamel is from 5 to 14 shades in accordance with the VITA 16 scale.

  1. Installation of veneers and cosmetic dentistry.

Veneers help to eliminate the aesthetic defects of a smile by attaching thin porcelain plates to the surface of the tooth. Galeria Uśmiechu Kraków has a special department, whose specialists use various techniques for installing veneers, in particular, using the most advanced techniques.

The clinic performs cosmetic dental corrections of various types, including those that have a general rejuvenating effect. The clinic conducts research on the effect of these procedures on improving skin condition, which helps to combine the latest developments of specialists with traditional methods, achieving the most effective results.

Uśmiechu uses the DSD method – creating a digital image of a future smile. Doctors take several pictures of the teeth and face, after which they analyze the relationship between the location of the dentition with a smile and a general facial expression. As a result, a digital image is created, through which the patient can see the future result of the work of surgeons.

  1. Maxillofacial Surgery.

Galeria Uśmiechu – Centrum Stomatologii Estetycznej i Implantologii specializes in root canal treatment and periodontics.

Branches of the Uśmiechu Center

  1. Maxillofacial Surgery.
  2. Periodontology.
  3. Cosmetic dentistry.
  4. Pediatric dentistry.
  5. Dental prosthetics.
  6. Preventive dentistry.
  7. Implantology.
  8. Teeth whitening.
  9. DSD smile design.
  10. Sports dentistry.

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