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Home Clinics Cardiology and cardiac surgery SJD – Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Spain

SJD – Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Spain

Catalunya, Spain

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SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital is considered one of the best European child clinics. Every year it sees more than two hundred thousand little patients, including teenagers. Clinic specializes in oncological, neurosurgical, mammological and neurological directions. Treatment success in SJD hospital is about 86-90%: it’s significantly higher than the average for other establishments in Spain.For children, the most comfortable and convenient conditions have been created. They stay there during the therapy. Psychologists work with patients to help them abstract from the hospital environment; simultaneously, clowns and musical organizers participate in therapy. Additionally, center is actively assisted by volunteers constantly being with kids. Hospital itself participates in various charitable programs.

Our doctors

Jose Maria Cafarrena Calvara

  • Cardiology and cardiac surgery
Catalunya, Spain
Photo of Jose Maria Cafarrena Calvara

Enrique Ferrer Rodriguez

  • Neurosurgery
  • Oncology
Catalunya, Spain
Photo of Enrique Ferrer Rodriguez

Alexis Arzimonoglu

  • Neurology
Catalunya, Spain
Photo of Alexis Arzimonoglu

Isabelle Badel Serra

  • Hematology
  • Transplantology
Catalunya, Spain
Photo of Isabelle Badel Serra

Anna Febrer Rotger

  • Rehabilitation
  • Surgery
Catalunya, Spain
Photo of Anna Febrer Rotger

Procedures and their cost

Bone marrow transplantation

$213703- $213733


$4709- $4767

Sarcoma surgery

$28288- $52385

Сesarean section


Consultation with an oncologist


Consultation with a neurologist


Online Consultation with Oncologist


Consultation with a hematologist


Complex diagnosis of sarcoma

$7333- $12572

Сonsultation with an oncohematologist


Сomprehensive diagnosis of Leukemia

$10477- $15715

Video-EEG monitoring

$1549- $7747

Recipient evaluation before BMT

$10477- $12572

Online Consultation with Pediatric Oncologist




Brain MRI


Comprehensive diagnosis of aplastic anemia

$8381- $10477

*Prices may vary depending on the state of health and the recommendations of doctors.

Main aspects of SJD Children’s Hospital Barcelona. Benefits for patients

Sant Joan de Deu Hospital gained its fame because it became a unique center for heavy pathologies’ therapy in children. Clinic’s founders and specialists make sure the kids feel comfortable, convenient, at ease, and aren’t afraid to undergo cure.

  1. High quality of used apparatus, medicines and professional services. Children’s Medical Center SJD uses only the best apparatus – innovative technological developments. Clinic is constantly improving its own therapeutic methods and actively enters into cooperation with other medical communities to interchange achievements and practical practices. Thanks to it, hospital provides top service worthy of being presented at the international level.
  2. Hospital has been accepting patients within its walls for more than 150 years, having established itself as a high-quality multidisciplinary center. Specialists not only treat children, but manage pregnancy and childbirth. Clinic works with foreign patients, being famous globally.
  3. Many surgical operations were performed in the hospital, almost 90% of which were crowned successfully – patients were cured of the pathology bothering them and were able to return to their former lives. Sant Joan de Deu has an emergency division being well received in Catalonia and elsewhere.
  4. Center is equipped with the latest apparatus, constantly being updated and modernized. There are extra beds in wards for parents; thus, they can stay overnight with their children. Additionally, the hospital has specialists accompanying children who arrive and undergo cure without parents or guardians.
  5. Several innovative laboratories where specialists study patients’ DNA to detect pathologies in them. Clinic has special departments where doctors work on the study of oncological tumors roots in molecular structures, and on development of effective methodologies for neurometabolic defects cure.
  6. Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona Children’s Hospital experts made 11 significant medical discoveries, contributing to raising medicine to a new level.
  7. First-class technology for electronic pregnancy monitoring.
  8. Neonatal chambers use artificial intelligence sensors, helping to optimize the monitoring  process of the internal chamber environment.
  9. Intensive care and surgical departments are monitored around the clock; it’s safety guarantee and timely response to slightest changes in patients’ organism.

Main SJD Hospital Departments

  1. Gastroenterology.
  2. Gynecology.
  3. Obstetrics business.
  4. Genetic research and diagnostics.
  5. Immuno-oncology.
  6. Dermatology.
  7. Cardiography and surgery.
  8. Neurology and surgery.
  9. Ophthalmology.
  10. rehabilitation sector.
  11. Rheumatology.
  12. Endocrinology.
  13. Pediatrics.
  14. Dentistry.

Leading clinic specializations

Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona Hospital specialists work in following main areas.

  1. Neurology – experts are developing effective methodologies for cure of ataxias, paraplegia, hereditary nature pathologies, neurometabolic disorders and refractory epilepsy.
  2. Hematology and oncology – department is best in Spain of departments in such direction. Clinical experts undertake the treatment of rare oncological pathologies. Center has at its disposal chambers equipped with HEPA filters for people undergoing bone marrow transplantation.
  3. Best and most competent cardiology center in Europe – saving patients with congenital heart illnesses, atrial septal defects and serious vascular pathologies.
  4. Orthopedics and traumatology. Orthopedic and traumatology experts treat pathologies affecting the hip joints, congenital and trauma-related muscle and ligament defects, clubfoot and scoliosis.
  5. Rehabilitation therapy – postoperative care and recovery from serious injuries.Parents are actively involved in rehab program implementation. Each case is individually coordinated by experts.

Certification of SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital Spain

  • Certification by Universitat de Barcelona organization.
  • European Reference Networks.
  • Certification of European Foundation for Regional Development of Medical Community – Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional.
  • Accredited by ECHO – European Children’s Hospitals Organization.
  • Hospital is included in the top 20 best child centers in European space.

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