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Home Check-up program for women 40-64

Check up for women 40-64

Finding possible warnings before they start
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Female health examination for 40-64 age group

We can arrange a check-up for you. The package of Сheck up program for women 40-64 includes transfer airport-hotel-hospital-hotel-airport, translator, and local coordinator. For your convenience, we select a specialized clinic with advanced equipment and respected specialists with in-depth expertise, which allows you to undergo all medical examinations in one location.

Why are women's health Check Ups necessary?

Regular Physical Screening for women aged 40-64 is a proven way to easily prevent health risks as it boosts your chances for effective therapy if some problems are found.

Benefits of Check up for women 40-64

Recognizing warning signals before they become real issues.
Identify life health-threatening things or diseases at their early stage.
Lowers the possibility of complexities by thoroughly monitoring the state of the organism.
Enhances the chance for efficient treatment.

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Frequently asked questions

  • A general check-up for women is a set of investigations aimed to find out overall physical health conditions and the potential risk factors. To check health condition, a patient undergoes a number of procedures: blood test, liver function test, kidney function test, urine test, lipid profile, chest x-ray, eyes, teeth, ear-nose-throat examinations, etc. A health check-up helps to determine disorders at the very early stage, including life-threatening conditions, that change the quality of life.

  • As stated by medical experts, the human organism is a machine that requires regular maintenance to function properly. Thus, it is recommended to undergo a comprehensive health examination at least once a year. Regular general health examination detects disorders at an early stage before they turn into a disease, ensuring timely treatment and increasing the chances for success of this treatment.

  • Given the rapid development of medicine, many illnesses can be determined very early and efficiently treated. That’s why individuals of any age and gender should have regular check-ups to ensure their health is secured.

  • As specified by medical experts, a health check-up should be undergone at least once a year. For certain cases, there will be an additional doctor’s prescription.

  • It usually takes only one day to complete the intensive examination program, but sometimes it can take 2-3 days, depending on the program package.