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Hisar Clinic in Turkey

İstanbul, Turkey

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Hisar hospital - biggest medical structure in Turkey. It’s a multidisciplinary establishment offering patients the opportunity to enjoy all privileges and possibilities of modern therapy. Clinic practices the latest treatment methodologies with the active introduction of modernized diagnostic and surgical mechanisms. Annually more foreign patients turn to Hisar services, which indicates high competence and professionalism of clinic’s experts.Hospital has a helipad. Clinic is ready to deal with emergencies and accepts patients who have been injured in heavy accidents and whose transportation is only possible by air. Hospital experts receive patients at any time and provide them with urgent assistance, ensuring proper conditions for staying in hospital.

Our doctors

Omer Kamil Dogan

  • Surgery
İstanbul, Turkey
Photo of Omer Kamil Dogan

Yavuz Selim Yildirim

  • Surgery
İstanbul, Turkey
Photo of Yavuz Selim Yildirim

Gursel Saka

  • Oncology
  • Orthopedics and Traumatology
  • Surgery
İstanbul, Turkey
Photo of Gursel Saka

Gulden Kafaly

  • Cardiology and cardiac surgery
İstanbul, Turkey
Photo of Gulden Kafaly

Mustafa Saglam

  • Cardiology and cardiac surgery
İstanbul, Turkey
Photo of Mustafa Saglam

Aishe Akbulut

  • Gynecology and obstetrics
İstanbul, Turkey
Photo of Aishe Akbulut

Hasim Uslu

  • Surgery
İstanbul, Turkey
Photo of Hasim Uslu

Procedures and their cost

Consultation with a maxillofacial surgeon

$80 - $120

Consultation with a neurosurgeon

$80 - $120

MRI of one area

$200 - $300

Brain tumor removal

$10200 - $19200

Gastric balloon

$1620 - $2700

Gastric bypass

$4500 - $5500

Sleeve gastrectomy

$3800 - $4500

Doctor’s initial consultation

from $120

MRI (1 segment of the body)

from $500

MRI with contrast (1 segment of the body)

from $600

Biochemical blood analysis

from $150

Blood oncology diagnostics

from $300

Basic check-up

from $600

Onco Check Up

from $1,000

Bone marrow transplant from a relative (Allogeneic BMT)

from $75,000

Bone marrow transplant from an unrelated donor

from $105,000

Brain tumor surgery

from $20,000


from $800

*Prices may vary depending on the state of health and the recommendations of doctors.

Benefits and Features of Hisar Hospital Istanbul for International Patients

Hisar Clinic uses innovative technological developments for pathology therapy, combined with comfortable hospitalization conditions and attentive service for each patient. Totally, clinic covers about 55 therapeutic directions, offering support during the rehabilitation after heavy injuries or surgical interventions.

  1. Careful compliance with safety standards by clinic experts. Particularly, Hisar uses a computerized PYXIS system; its job is to identify medical workers and patients identity by their fingerprints. Thanks to the data stored in the system, the machine is able to determine patient’s identity with a single touch and direct him/her to the proper meds dose, without the need to involve physicians personally.
  2. Effective, modernized methodologies for ophthalmic pathologies and defects therapy and correction. Clinic uses modern technological solutions for vision correction based on laser bloodless and seamless therapy.
  3. Practical Aquilion One CT system application by experts – a high-class, ultra-modern apparatus enabling specialists to make the most accurate diagnosis and identify pathologies at the stage of their inception. This technology allows performing coronary angiography in emergency cases during the day. This method significantly reduces the radiation dose during diagnosis – it’s especially essential for people suffering a cerebral stroke.
  4. 3 Tesla MR technologies implementation – improved hardware scanning technique. This mechanism is of essential importance regarding creating the most comfortable conditions for people, and getting reliable and accurate diagnostic results. It makes it possible to make a correct diagnosis in the shortest possible time.

Departments and additional centers of Hisar Clinic

  1. Cardiology.
  2. Neurology.
  3. Neuro- and cardiac and vascular surgery.
  4. Oncology.
  5. Pediatrics.
  6. Reproductive medicine division.
  7. Ophthalmology.
  8. Dental business.
  9. Gynecology.
  10. Obstetrics business.
  11. Orthopedics.
  12. Plastic surgery.
  13. Reconstructive surgery.
  14. Transplantology.
  15. Bariatrics.

Clinic has a Unit for Infertility Therapy, not only working on pathology study, but doing IVF.

Hospital specialization

  • Reproductive medicine.

In IVF Unit, opened at Hospital Hisar establishment, patients are invited to use the diagnostic and therapeutic methodologies of reproductive direction. Particularly, experts work with frozen embryos and innovative ways of treating infertility in men and women.

IVF is the most requested procedure at this Unit at Hisar. Couples who can’t have a child undergo comprehensive diagnosis. Based on its results, physicians select most optimal and effective methodology of fertilization, taking into account the partners health.

  • Neurosurgery.

Best neurosurgeons in Turkey work at Hisar Hospital, implementing modernized robotic technologies in their practice; thanks to it operations are made with maximum accuracy and safety for patients. Hospital surgeons perform manipulations to remove strong forms of metastatic tumors, malignant lymphomas, intervertebral hernias and other similar formations in the spinal cord.

Determining pathology nature and prescribing further therapy plan, physicians use complex diagnostic methodologies. Particularly, Doppler sonography and digital angiography are available there – modern developments providing accurate and fast outcomes.

  • Bone marrow implantation.

Hisar Hospital employs competent transplant experts working with even the most complex variations of bone marrow dysfunction. Rooms where people stay are advanced with special HEPA systems designed to filter the air – it helps to significantly reduce the risks that accompany these manipulations.

Cells for implantation are taken from patients themselves or from an internationally approved donor base. During the entire after-surgical recovery period, patients are under constant supervision and support of rehabilitation doctors. Patients are given comprehensive advice on nutrition and lifestyle, helping to reduce complications likelihood.

Certification of Hospital Hisar Turkey

Establishment is accredited by JCI – Joint Commission International – an international competent observer – the gold standard in the medicine area.

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