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Nord Klinik Allianz in Germany

Bremen, Germany

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Nord Klinik Allianz - biggest medical network in Germany. Totally, the concern includes four multidisciplinary centers. Network has several laboratories conducting genetic molecular diagnostics and study cells taken from patients suffering from heavy pathologies. Nord Alliance provides assistance in critical emergency situations, since the clinic has a helipad.During therapy, patients are accommodated in a comfortable hotel or apartment, which functions as part of clinical network itself. Concern includes several specialized oncological divisions having international certification. Additionally, Nord Clinic has its own donor base and Kidney Transplant Unit. Clinic’s experts are competent scientists and associate medicine professors undergone professional practice in world-famous medical establishments.From the moment the Nord Alliance was opened and launched as a concern, it became one of most sought after in Germany. In one clinic, patients can undergo comprehensive diagnostics using innovative apparatus and receive an effective therapy plan, regardless of ailments’ severity and the system it affects.

Our doctors

Michael P. Hahn

  • Orthopedics and Traumatology
Bremen, Germany
Photo of Michael P. Hahn

Sebastian Melchior

  • Urology and Nephrology
Bremen, Germany
Photo of Sebastian Melchior

Andreas Kastrup

  • Rehabilitation
Bremen, Germany
Photo of Andreas Kastrup

Jörg Grötike

  • Oncology
Bremen, Germany
Photo of Jörg Grötike

Uwe Neubauer

  • Neurosurgery
Bremen, Germany
Photo of Uwe Neubauer

Procedures and their cost

MRI of one area

$1499 - $1894


$335 - $599



Removal of a brain tumor

$12520 - $20867

Basic Check-up


Oncologist online consultation


MRI of one area

$1499 - $1894

Treatment plan consultation

$521 - $626

Surgical removal of varicose veins

$4695 - $8972

Hepatologist's consultation

$521 - $626

Comprehensive diagnosis of hepatitis C + drugs for 3 months of treatment

$13041 - $20345

*Prices may vary depending on the state of health and the recommendations of doctors.

Features and benefits of Nord Klinik Allianz German for patients

  1. Ultra-modern mechanisms and active implementation of modern technological developments. Nord Alliance experts involve innovative versions of positron emission computerized tomographs in their practice; it allows them to quickly and with 100% accuracy identify malignant tumors and determine their size.
  2. Competent experts – leading German professionals with a global reputation. Network’s clinics employ physicians included in the ratings of the best doctors not only locally, but internationally. Many of them take part in various symposiums as invited consultants.
  3. Actively developing department of medical tourism. Nord Alliance has multilingual staff, making it easy to interact with foreign patients during diagnosis and therapy.

Nord Alliance branches and centers

  1.  Oncology.
  2. Neurology – pediatric and adult unit.
  3. Neurosurgery.
  4. Traumatology and orthopedics.
  5. Urology.
  6. Nephrology.
  7. Pediatrics.
  8. Gynecology.
  9. Obstetrics business.
  10. Dentistry.
  11. Maxillofacial Surgery.
  12. Reconstructive surgery.
  13. Endocrinology.
  14. Diabetology.
  15. Pulmonology.

Network is multidisciplinary – above directions are a priority. Nord Klinik Allianz Bremen operates several specialized oncology centers and units for post-therapeutic patients’ rehab.

Narrow specialization of Nord Clinic Alliance

  • Oncological therapy.

Cancer Control Centers, operating under Nord Alliance clinics network, have received accreditation from global oncologists community. It’s evidence that Bremen-Mitte – another name for this medical network – has all the necessary diagnostic and therapeutic mechanisms.

The structure of tNord Alliance onco-clinical division includes several research institutes. Scientists are working on investigation of cancers of all organs and progression forms, with particular emphasis on oncological pathologies affecting the mammary gland, stomach and prostate. Physicians implement the liquid biopsy method – NEOliquid – latest technological methodology of German medical community, currently actively used in only two state establishments. Technology allows experts to determine how the tumor responds to therapy, and thus adjust treatment course if necessary.

Clinic uses several methods for cancerous tumors therapy:

  • radiation and chemotherapy;
  • brachytherapy;
  • meds therapy activating immune system, forcing it to fight malignant cells;
  • therapy with weak radioactive substances.

Robotic mechanisms are being actively introduced.

  • Traumatology & orthopedics.

Division is certified by Regional Traumatology Society. Experts work with all ailments affecting musculoskeletal system. Patients with particularly complex forms of motor pathologies are often redirected to the clinic.

Particularly, network specialize in joint replacement surgeries. Hospital performs shoulder, knee and hip joint arthroplasty. Operations are performed using minimally invasive techniques, when surrounding muscles and tendons are preserved in maximum integrity. Because physicians use the latest techniques, patients recover faster than with open surgeries.

  • Neurosurgery.

Main specialization of this profile is surgical interventions to eliminate cerebrum and spinal pathologies, and peripheral nervous system. Narrow Nord Clinic Alliance specialization is heavy spinal injuries and intervertebral hernias therapy. Unit has two operating rooms advanced in accordance with new norms, modernized with innovative apparatus. After manipulations, people are placed in a rehabilitation center, where recovery takes place under the supervision and accompaniment of experienced and qualified rehabilitators.

Certification of Nord Clinic Alliance

  1. Clinic is accredited by ISO – the international quality standardizer.
  2. Top German clinics according to Focus rating.
  3. Newsweek listed Nord Alliance as world’s best medical establishment.

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