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Malvazinky Clinic in Czech Republic

Hlavní město Praha, Czechia

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Malvazinky Clinic - establishment providing a full range of therapeutic services: pre-operative advice, treatment plan preparation, surgery, post-operative support and comprehensive rehab. Its professional team are competent physicians and researchers working hard on new therapeutic methods development and implementation, the most effective and forcing patients to a speedy recovery.Clinic Malvazinky is structured in such a way as to be able to accept patients with critical physical conditions, or if they require long, intense care. Additionally to main departments, the clinic has physiotherapy room supplied with modern exercise equipment, rooms for hydro- and electrotherapy, spacious sauna and pool.

Our doctors

Zdenka Sedlekava

  • Orthopedics and Traumatology
  • Surgery
Hlavní město Praha, Czechia
Photo of Zdenka Sedlekava

Mikhail Peroutka

  • Rehabilitation
Hlavní město Praha, Czechia
Photo of Mikhail Peroutka

Vladislav Gospodar

  • Orthopedics and Traumatology
Hlavní město Praha, Czechia
Photo of Vladislav Gospodar

Libor Musil

  • Neurology
  • Rehabilitation
Hlavní město Praha, Czechia
Photo of Libor Musil

Tomasz Wimmer

  • Orthopedics and Traumatology
  • Surgery
Hlavní město Praha, Czechia
Photo of Tomasz Wimmer

Zuzana Yelinkova

  • Cosmetology and plastic surgery
Hlavní město Praha, Czechia
Photo of Zuzana Yelinkova

Procedures and their cost

Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

$5029- $5762

Arthrodesis of the ankle joint


Arthroplastic of Achilles tendons


Arthroscopic meniscectomy


Comprehensive rehabilitation


Hallux valgus surgery


Herniated disc surgery


Hip replacement


Inpatient rehabilitation


Knee Arthroscopy

$1990- $5133

Rotator cuff repair surgery


Shoulder replacement


*Prices may vary depending on the state of health and the recommendations of doctors.

Features of Clinic Malvazinky Praha. Benefits for Patients

Malvazinky is known for being an innovative center where specialists use not only modern clinical techniques, but innovative technological developments.

In 2013, its structure was expanded with an additional unit with modernized equipment – rooms are designed and equipped to meet the highest standards and provide maximum convenience for people. Premises have controllable beds, private showerroom, television, Wi-Fi and radio, to fully meet patients’ needs.

Clinic itself is placed in a prestigious area of ​​ Czech capital – the establishment is surrounded by a gorgeous and well-groomed park area, secluded in its depths, offering people comfort and silence during the therapy process.

Malvazinky Center applies an amiable approach to patients, individually selecting therapy. Clinic employs physicians specializing in many medical directions, including physiotherapists and rehabilitation experts.

Center team has created a method helping people undergone limb amputation to get back to their former lives and cope with accompanying difficulties. Its focus is restoring stump movability by stabilizing overall body position. Patients undergo a rehabilitation exercises course using floating superficies, helping them learn how to handle the prosthesis, regardless of the surface nature.

Malvazinky clinic employees are considered to be best globally in following areas:

  • full rehabilitation care;
  • body recovery after large-scale operations and serious injuries;
  • prevention of degenerative pathologies development affecting musculoskeletal mechanism;
  • rehab for people suffering from neurological ailments;
  • physiotherapy and sports medicine.

Clinic departments

  1. Surgery department.
  2. Intensive therapy.
  3. Outpatient care.
  4. Physiotherapy department.

Additionally to main departments, as already mentioned, it has a sauna, gyms with many innovative fitness facilities and pool.

Professional achievements of Malvazinky clinic. Certification

Main professional focus is orthopedics. Rehabilitation clinic Malvazinky employs the most qualified and competent orthopedic experts in European space, under Vladislav Gospodar guidance. He’s a globally famed doctor who treats famous players in Czech Republic.

Hospital performs arthroscopic and minimally invasive surgeries with a high level of professionalism – patients recover at a faster pace, which is less painful for them. Profile procedure of the orthopedic division is knee and hip joint arthroplasty. Procedure lasts about one and a half to two hours using Zimmer implants.

Additionally to total arthroplasty, Malvazinky clinic experts perform superficial operations and interventions – unique in their therapeutical nature with Mayo stem involvement. Thanks to this method, most of the femoral bone material is preserved.

Rehabilitation division pays great attention to occupational therapy aimed at restoring patients’ proper activity level, necessary for daily manipulations. To implement this mechanism, NEUROP 2 is used – a specialized computerized program helping improve the patients’ memory, attentiveness and concentration.

Clinic’s accreditation looks as follows.

  1. Bookmed Awards – Best Joint Replacement Solutions – for developing the best professional joint replacement solutions.
  2. National HCI award – status of the most competent hospital locally.
  3. SAK – Accreditation Commission.

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