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Sourasky Medical Center in Israel

Tel Aviv District, Israel

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Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center was established and has been successfully operating since 1914. Today, additionally to general therapies, Sourancky hospital has several specialized divisions and centers, particularly, post-therapeutic rehab and cardiology. Sourasky’s experts implement innovative apparatus and special neuronavigation systems in their practice - it helps them to carry out all manipulations accurately, keeping healthy tissues intact. According to ratings of the famous Newsweek journal, Ichilov Clinic has the status of one of the most reliable and respected establishments worldwide. 400+ thousand people are treated here annually.

Our doctors

Shlomo Constantini

  • Neurosurgery
Tel Aviv District, Israel
Photo of Shlomo Constantini

Zvi Ram

  • Neurosurgery
Tel Aviv District, Israel
Photo of Zvi Ram

Ofer Merimsky

  • Oncology
Tel Aviv District, Israel
Photo of Ofer Merimsky

Jack Baniel

  • Surgery
  • Urology and Nephrology
Tel Aviv District, Israel
Photo of Jack Baniel

Dan Flies

  • Oncology
  • Surgery
Tel Aviv District, Israel
Photo of Dan Flies

Anat Levinstein

    Tel Aviv District, Israel
    Photo of Anat Levinstein

    Orit Golan

      Tel Aviv District, Israel
      Photo of Orit Golan

      Procedures and their cost

      Doctor’s initial consultation

      from 500$

      Doctor re-consultation

      from 250$

      Doctor’s distance consultation


      Hospitalization (1day)

      from $1,068

      Day hospital (medication 1 day)

      from 300$

      Ultrasound (1 area)


      MRI (1 segment of the body)

      from 1,100$


      from 1.250$

      Radiation therapy (session)

      from 500$

      Radiation therapy (course)


      MRI with contrast (1 segment of the body)

      from 2,500$

      MRI with contrast (1 segment of the body)

      from 700$

      CT scan with contrast (1 body segment)

      from 1800$

      Hip replacement

      from 17,000$

      X-ray (1 part of the body)

      from 140$

      Autologous bone marrow transplantation (BMT)

      from 68,000$

      Arthroscopic surgery

      from 9,000$

      Private: Cyber ​​knife

      from 18,000$

      Pacemaker Installation

      from 15,000$

      Scoliosis surgery

      from 30,000$

      Corneal transplant

      from 13,000$

      Deep brain stimulation (dbs) surgery

      from 42,000$

      Heart valve replacement

      from 35,000$

      Gamma knife

      from 16,000$

      Liver transplant

      from 450,000$

      Kidney transplant

      from 100,000$

      Knee replacement

      from 17,000$

      SIRT (liver embolization)

      from 56,000$

      TUR (transurethral resection) of the prostate

      from 20,000$

      Transnasal brain tumor removal

      from 35,000$

      HIPEC Peritoneal Cancer Surgery

      from 40,000$

      *Prices may vary depending on the state of health and the recommendations of doctors.

      Clinic advantages

      1. High percentage of therapy effectiveness. Sourasky Medical Center Israel has one of the highest therapy success rates worldwide: cancer treatment – 90%, neurosurgical interventions give a positive result in 98% of cases, etc. Such effectiveness is ensured by implementation of first-class devices and the high professionalism of experts working there.
      2. Availability of modern therapeutic methods and medicines. Sourasky Hospital has medical investigation units in Tel Aviv University. Here, innovative meds are created and new therapy methods are being developed. Particular attention is paid to cancerogenic pathologies. Sourasky cooperates with top establishments in America, therefore, it applies in practice not only Israeli technologies, but US developments. Methods giving the best outcomes are immediately included in possible applied therapeutic programs.
      3. Staff professionalism. The hospital employs thousands of experts, most of whom have completed internships in outstanding European and American institutions.
      4. Versatile approaches. People receive assistance from several specialists at once, who together draw up a plan of therapy and required procedures. Thanks to it, recovery at Ichilov clinic has great effectiveness.

      Branches & centers

      Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center has units working in various directions.

      1. General therapy.
      2. Neurosurgical direction.
      3. Oncology.
      4. Orthopedics.
      5. Traumatology.
      6. Neurology.
      7. Cardiology.
      8. Neurology.
      9. Allergy.
      10. Immunology.
      11. Gastroenterology.
      12. Hematology.
      13. Nephrology.
      14. Rheumatology.
      15. Ophthalmology.
      16. Urology, etc.

      Separately, Sourasky Hospital operates a specialized Women’s Health Center; it has the highest qualifications and is internationally accredited. There’s a general clinical center for children.

      Narrow specialization of Ichilov establishment

      1. Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov) implements innovative developments Novalis TrueBeam STX from Varian Medical System. These devices are designed for precise targeted irradiation of tumors. This mechanized approach helps to maximize therapy effect and minimize healthy cells damaging.
      2. Multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease treatment. Patients can undergo rehab there after a stroke and heavy head trauma, when most of the cerebrum nerve cells were affected – Sourasky’s experts take even complicated clinical cases.
      3. Specialists implement the Foundation One CDx/Heme method in their activities – innovative tequinic for malignant neoplasm cells investigation. Technology makes it possible to determine tumor structure features, and doctors can predict therapy.
      4. Clinics’ physicians evolve CAR-T Cells therapy – it activates IS to quickly fight oncological conditions.
      5. Sourasky oncology unit provides diagnostics, accompanying therapy and surgical removal of formations. Clinic experts implement robotic surgery Da Vinci device. Doctors control a robot performing manipulations through microscopic incisions. Such therapy allows experts to accurately affect tumor’s cells without affecting healthy structures.
      6. Ichilov hospital has an intraoperative navigation system and an O-Arm automatic tomograph for performing interventions on patients with spinal disc or cerebrum problems. Such devices make it possible to get internal tissues displayed during operations; thus, manipulations take place as accurately as possible. Neurosurgeons use devices for stereotactic radiosurgery, electron microscopes and 3D modeling appliances – it helps to fully preserve healthy tissues functionality and destroy structures affected by pathology.
      7. Ichilov has modern IVF laboratory sections, where genetic testing is carried out to determine infertility roots, prescribe effective meds therapies and implement various vitro fertilization methods.


      1. Sourasky Medical Center Tel Aviv Israel is accredited by JCI (USA).
      2. Sourasky hospital is included in ranking of the best medical establishments worldwide in 2020 and 2021, and in list of the top modernized facilities in 2021 in accordance with American Newsweek edition.

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