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MEDIDERM Clinic in Croatia

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MediDerm actively invests in the development and application of advanced technologies in order to provide a high level of diagnosis and treatment of diseases of varying nature and severity. Founded in 2000 in Split Croatia, this hospital quickly became a trusted center for patients from the entire Dalmatian region.The clinic’s team includes experienced specialists from various fields of medicine who are ready to provide consultations and conduct specialized examinations every day.

Our doctors

Dr. Sanda Perić-Šušak

  • Dermatology
Photo of Dr. Sanda Perić-Šušak

Dr. Predrag Pavic

  • Vascular surgery and phlebology
Photo of Dr. Predrag Pavic

Ph.D. Daria Bakovic-Kramarić

  • Cardiology and cardiac surgery
Photo of Ph.D. Daria Bakovic-Kramarić

Ph.D. Cornelia Misha

    Photo of Ph.D. Cornelia Misha

    About the clinic: сombine skin care and holiday!

    MediDerm Clinic was established in 2000 in Split and has become an important medical institution for residents throughout Dalmatia. During their work, the clinic’s specialists helped more than 50 thousand patients. The safety and privacy of our patients is our priority. The team includes 10 highly qualified specialists, led by Dr. Sanda Peris Shushak, a Doctor of Medical Sciences in dermatovenerology, successfully practicing in various fields of medicine. In 2018, MediDerm opened a new clinic as part of the MARVIE Hotel&Health center and expanded its range of services to include anti-aging therapy and regenerative medicine. MediDerm also partners with several health insurance companies to ensure services are available to all patients.

    Main scope of activities


    The skin, as the largest organ of the human body, is exposed to both internal and external factors. Often various changes occur on its surface that we can observe. Regardless of whether you notice symptoms or not, it is important to undergo regular examinations with specialists in order to promptly identify and treat skin and sexually transmitted diseases. Thanks to timely diagnosis and adequate treatment of skin and sexually transmitted diseases, skin tumors, as well as various allergic and immunological conditions, the quality of life improves and its duration is extended.

    The following procedures are performed in the dermatology department of the clinic:

    • examinations from specialists;
    • dermatoscopy;
    • test biopsy;
    • cryosurgery;
    • skin rejuvenation;
    • dermatosurgery;
    • allergy testing;
    • outpatient clinic for sexually transmitted diseases;
    • pediatric dermatology.

    Medical cosmetology and aesthetic medicine

    Mediderm clinic combines experience and the latest techniques to improve your appearance and self-esteem. Specialists use advanced technologies such as dermal fillers, botulinum therapy, Morpheus 8 and Hydrafacial Syndeo treatments, mesotherapy, blood plasma treatments and skin enhancers to offer personalized approaches to maintaining youth and energy:

    • dermal fillers;
    • botulinum toxin;
    • morpheus;
    • hydrafacial syndeo;
    • mesotherapy;
    • skin boosters;
    • dermapen;
    • soft silhouette;
    • chemical peels;
    • autologous fibroblast injection;
    • face and body lifting, removal of excess fat using a radiofrequency device;
    • plexr plus or plasma knife.

    Autologous fibroblast treatment is a skin rejuvenation method that is based on the introduction of one’s own skin cells (fibroblasts); through it, cells lost over time are replaced and, thus, the aging process of the skin is resisted.


    A team of specialists uses advanced methods to obtain comprehensive information about the health status of patients, ranging from ultrasound diagnostics and histopathological analyzes to laboratory processing:

    • ultrasound diagnostics;
    • diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases;
    • pathohistological analysis;
    • diagnosis of fungal diseases of the skin, head, nails;
    • laboratory processing;
    • allergy testing;
    • systematic reviews;
    • milk puncture under the supervision of a professional.


    This department studies, diagnoses and treats venous diseases such as varicose veins, venous ulcers, thrombophlebitis and thrombosis, which is important for maintaining healthy veins and preventing associated complications. At the MediDerm Clinic, specialized examinations and procedures on veins are carried out by Associate Professor Predrag Pavic, Ph.D.

    1. Specialized examinations.
    2. Ultrasound diagnostics.
    3. Method of ultrasonic directed phlebosclerosis (UGFS).
    4. Treatment of varicose veins (venazeal).
    5. Radiofrequency ablation.
    6. Miniphlebectomy.
    7. Sclerosis.

    General, pediatric and plastic surgery

    At the clinic, this department provides a wide range of procedures aimed at reconstructing and improving appearance. Whether the procedure is an aesthetic correction or a more serious surgical procedure, an experienced surgical team guarantees high-quality care and safety. The clinic of general, pediatric and plastic surgery is managed by Doctor of Medical Sciences Davor Todoric and Doctor of Philosophy Ivan Utrobičić.

    1. Specialized examinations.
    2. Surgical procedures under local anesthesia (operations on a mole, lipoma, atheroma, malignant skin tumors).
    3. Ambulance for burns and scars.
    4. Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery).
    5. Otoplasty (ear surgery).
    6. Hand surgery.
    7. The work of the carpal tunnel (carpal tunnel syndrome).
    8. Bodytitis/facetitis (surgical treatment of inflammatory processes of the skin and tissues).


    The cardiology department of the clinic takes care of the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Using modern equipment, specialists conduct a variety of examinations, including ECG, Holter blood pressure monitoring, Holter ECG monitoring, ultrasound examination of the heart and blood vessels with color Doppler, as well as express laboratory diagnostics, including determination of troponin levels, D-dimers, pro- BNP and blood clotting factors. This helps ensure optimal heart and vascular health for our patients.

    Cardiology Department is led by Professor Darija Bakovic Kramaric, MD, and Nikola Crnčević, PhD, an experienced cardiologist specializing in invasive cardiology.

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