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Probiotics advantages and disadvantages

Jan 25, 2023

Probiotics – microscopic bacteria making better environment-conditions where they exist. They increase state-qualities of our organism, affecting not only the IS, but digestion and trace elements absorption. Bacteria may be found in natural dairy-products and fermented-foods. Benefits of probiotics Bacteria’s able to fight against: colic; constipation; Crohn’s disease; inflammatory bowel disease (IBD); lactose intolerance; ulcerative-colitis....

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Benefits of a second medical opinion

Second medical opinion affirms or refutes the diagnostics results obtained and therapies plan, gives complete data about diseases or conditions, and may form other therapeutic options. This information can help employees feel more confident as they move ahead with therapy. You may feel physicians aren’t paying attention to all questions. Essential reason to look for...

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What is telemedicine and how is it used

Telemedicine is one of modernized options to monitor people using innovative technologies. Such a method consists in online monitoring without direct contact. This option won’t only protect MD and people from infection, but will also make it real to cure people at a distance. All these factors increase the availability of medicine, because you can...

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Annuloplasty system

Dec 28, 2022

In some cases, the pathology of the functionality of the heart valves requires surgeries to eliminate it. Operations on heart valves are divided into 2 types: plastic and prosthetics. Heart valve replacement and restoration are reconstructive surgeries helping preserve them. Annuloplasty system is a device that is placed around a failed heart valve to help...

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Corneal Topographers

Dec 23, 2022

Corneal topography is an innovative method revealing 3D-surfaces of eye cornea. It’s designed to identify deformations, when the normal state is smooth. Corneal topographer allows physicians to keep eye diseases under control and structure surgical intervention. Need for corneal topography Injuries sometimes leave scars. Topographic technique determines the degree of distortions. Growths. Size of pterygia...

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Screening for first-degree relatives of patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Approximately 25% of people suffer from fatty nonalcoholic liver ailment (NAFLD). It refers to several liver pathologies occurring in people not drinking alcoholic beverages. NAFLD may provoke cirrhosis onset and progress, malignant tumor formation and organ’s insufficiency. Scientists from California conducted a study and found out the next-mentioned: close relatives of people with advanced NAFLD...

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Remote Telesurgery

Dec 7, 2022

Remote surgery is an innovative therapeutic method implemented using cordless network technologies, providing direct communication between patients and doctors located far from each other. Main strength of telesurgery is availability of an expanded range of opportunities, in particular, work with geographical reachless and a deficiency of doctors, minimization of financial expenses, etc. This innovative development...

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Medical treatment in Dubai/UAE

Service quality, professionalism of physicians and innovative high-tech equipment in this industry are great motivators for foreigners who are looking for therapies abroad. Medical treatment in Dubai/UAE is included in list of 10 popular destinations in the world, and is rising to the top positions more and more quickly. The best specialists work here, many...

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Top 10 reasons to use Thailand for Medical treatment

Hundreds of people turn to medical treatment in Thailand. It’s due to excellent service, availability of highly qualified experts and the openness of the local medical community to the adoption of new technological solutions, and all kinds of assistance to industry improvement at world level. Affordable cost of medical treatment in Thailand Thus, how much...

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Top 5 deadliest cancers

Today, in global medical community, special attention is paid to study and research for effective therapeutic methods to combat cancer. Several types of this pathology are treatable. Nevertheless, cancer is the second leading root of death in America after heart ailments. Below we will look at the most dangerous types of cancer, whether they can...

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