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Top 10 reasons to use Thailand for Medical treatment

Hundreds of people turn to medical treatment in Thailand. It’s due to excellent service, availability of highly qualified experts and the openness of the local medical community to the adoption of new technological solutions, and all kinds of assistance to industry improvement at world level.

Affordable cost of medical treatment in Thailand

Thus, how much is medical treatment in Thailand? A full hip replacement carried out at Bumrungrad is approximately $19,000, and the average cost of such an operation is $53,000. At the same time, in America, such an intervention can cost up to 105 thousand. Thus, surgical interventions in Thai clinics, and other services, are not only a guarantee of a successful result in 95% of cases, but an opportunity to save up to 85% of funds.

Quality of medical treatments in Thailand

First Asian clinic appeared in this state; it received JCI approbation in 2002. Now 55 local establishments have such accreditation and global certificates. Most institutions obtained ISO certification.

Physicians pass training in the best foreign centers, get vast experience and speak several languages. It offers cutting-edge treatment methods and high-tech equipment.

Effective rehab programs and recovery conditions

Thailand offers excellent levels of patient care, and post-operative recovery rooms, well-equipped and designed to ensure maximum patient comfort during recovery. After the patients leave the clinic, they are given the opportunity to continue their recovery in one of the cozy hotels overlooking the beautiful natural landscapes.

Special surgeries

Some manipulations are accessible only in local clinics: finding them in other institutions is either quite difficult or impossible at all. Some reproductive technologies and therapies can be noted here. Some individual areas are exceedingly popular, where local physicians have achieved the greatest skill, in particular, gender reassignment operations. Local surgeons have tremendous experience, due to the large scale of operations carried out, which is not comparable with expertise doctors in other states have. Getting treatment in Thailand involves using modern equipment, including robotic technological solutions, which enables specialists to perform operations as accurately and safely as possible for patients.

Minimum queues

In Thai clinics, a system with rather small and sometimes zero queues has been created. This minimizes stress and a host of negative health effects that can occur against the backdrop of urgency of necessary operation.

Convenient conditions for inpatient therapies

In Thai establishments, the patient can leave the clinic at the time that suits him/her best. This speeds up the recovery time and minimizes post-treatment complications.

New experience

  1. Love delicious food? In Thailand, the field of gastronomy is very developed. Here are the best restaurants with a variety of cuisines.
  2. Cultural and spiritual component of the local community. In Bangkok, you can visit hundreds of temples and get acquainted with local spiritual practices.
  3. The best and most beautiful beaches in the world to enjoy after your therapies.


Today, citizens of 49 states can stay in this state for 90 days without a visa for treatments in Thailand. Persons may apply for a visa on simplified conditions in case of visiting state for such purposes.

Large variety of therapies

Local clinics employ first-class physicians and use innovative appliances in various areas, so that you can undergo several courses of therapy at the same time without changing clinics.


Service level is another virtue of Thai healthcare. Wherever you are, you will be kindly greeted by hospitable staff who are ready to help in any matter and do everything possible for your satisfaction. This is one of the most visited states in the world – 35+ million foreign tourists choose Thai cure, thus, locals also strive to be hospitable to tourists.

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