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Medical treatment in Dubai/UAE

Service quality, professionalism of physicians and innovative high-tech equipment in this industry are great motivators for foreigners who are looking for therapies abroad. Medical treatment in Dubai/UAE is included in list of 10 popular destinations in the world, and is rising to the top positions more and more quickly. The best specialists work here, many certified hospitals have been opened and innovative devices have been installed for fast and high-quality therapies.

Level of medical treatment in Dubai and ultramodern technologies

Local establishments employ world-class surgeons specializing in various fields:

  • therapy of oncological diseases;
  • cosmetic surgery;
  • dental business;
  • infertility therapy;
  • orthopedics, etc.

The presence of a large number of staff in the clinics makes it possible to minimize the waiting. Many clinic physicians have studied in USA and EU states, and they speak several languages ​​perfectly. All physicians are qualified and licensed.

Advantages of treatment

  1. Availability. City’s health-care and infrastructure are well thought out, and people can quickly use assistance from specialists. This feature is one of most essential, especially in case it comes to complex and urgent interventions.
  2. Governmental support. Healthcare system in the UAE is well supported by local bodies. Local authorities bear 26% of spending in GCC countries, with Dubai being main destination for such investments.
  3. Location. Dubai is strategically located to provide easy access for patients from all over the world.
  4. 2.2+ million immigrants live in Dubai – 91% of total population. This enables the city to represent international interests.
  5. Unique range of services. All local clinics have innovative equipment, which attracts foreigners where the level of infrastructure development is lower. Some surgical operations are performed here that are not available in other regions.

Costs of UAE medical treatment, in some areas, are lower than in other states, however, certain nuances should be noted. In particular, drugs in Dubai will cost patients an order of magnitude more expensive than, for example, in British clinics. Large expenditures for the modernization and maintenance of the proper level of functioning of medical institutions also have an impact on pricing policy. It is difficult for the Emirates to compete on cost with countries with lower profit margins, such as India and Thailand. Health care prices are highly dependent on wages, which directly reflect the cost of living index in that state. Since the UAE is a high-income jurisdiction, it is not possible to keep the pricing policy at levels offered by lower-income countries.

Healthcare in the UAE is well-developed, however, it has something to strive for in comparison with some of the leading states in the West. One of key advantages of Dubai remains that strategic private investments are continuous, which contributes to constant betterment and modernization of this field. It is a very essential part of dynamic culture of local medical tourism.

Rest and relaxation

After undergoing therapies, persons will have the opportunity to use a lot of options for recovery and rest. Dubai offers an array of spa treatments, access to state-of-the-art fitness facilities and unique recreational programs designed to improve the physical and emotional health of travelers. Main goal that local experts face is to direct their efforts to the fastest possible recovery of the patient. Tourists can choose a vacation to their liking: from luxury hotels and resorts by the sea, to long-term healing programs for rejuvenation and relaxation.

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