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Cosmetic Surgery Capital of the World – South Korea

South Korea is the global plastic surgery capital. The state earned this title thanks to professionalism of physicians and incredible precision of specialists who make patients perfect. During the year, doctors perform about a million operations, according to statistics, a fairly large percentage of patients are foreigners. So why does South Korea remain the worldly-known center for plastic surgery?

Favorable cost

To be honest, Korea has become the capital of plastic surgery and cosmetology due to its popularity among local population (absolutely everyone admires the irresistible appearance and beauty of Koreans) and the availability of treatment in terms of pricing policy. Thus, this medical niche in Korea has become quite competitive, resulting in a decrease in the overall cost of non-surgical and surgical manipulations.

There are several options for carrying out operations that help to meet the needs of each patient individually. Moreover, it works regardless of the type of operation: whether it is breast augmentation or eyelid lift, doctors of Korean clinics offer you a huge selection of different methods of execution.

The low cost of manufacturing clinical appliances, low operating expenses and advantages in currency exchange contribute to significantly low prices.

Highly qualified staff

Expertise and professional skills of Korean physicians are famous globally, and work done by Korean specialists speaks for itself. Korean specialists have been trained in the best medical institutions in the world and throughout their professional career they constantly improve their skills. South Korean specialists demonstrate incredible accuracy in their work, which contributes to the complete satisfaction of patients and creates an excellent image on the world stage.

In addition, Korean specialists are constantly invited experts at international symposiums, conferences, etc. Moreover, it is worth emphasizing the professionalism of not only the doctors themselves, but also laboratory assistants, and the entire staff as a whole.

Innovative appliances

168 establishments in plastic surgery capital offer reconstructive operations for local population and foreign tourists. All medical institutions possess a developed ultra-modern infrastructure, which is complemented by modernized appliances and innovative medical devices.

Most South Korean establishments are certified by international communities and authorities, which proves their compliance with common guidelines. To ensure people’ safety and minimize procedural risks, the clinics add separate diagnostic units, operating modules and private rehabilitation rooms.

Modern technological solutions

Experts in South Korea use innovative robotic mechanisms for surgical manipulations. Such technologies give doctors the opportunity to achieve the maximum level of sterility during surgery and minimize the risk of infection.

In addition, new 3D modeling systems are helping clinicians get more accurate results and predictions so that physicians understand how much work needs to be done. Patients can see the final results in advance. The availability of modern equipment, experienced professionals and the introduction of minimally invasive techniques ensures a maximum success level in Korean clinics.

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