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Gastric botox surgery

Ботокс Желудка

Stomach botox. Main features

Gastric botox surgery – new revolutionary technique that allows you to fight excess weight, regardless of the nature of body fat. Process is especially popular among people having severe obesity stages, when losing extra pounds on their own is almost impossible. The advantage of this method is that the lost weight is not returned, while categorical changes in the hormonal background are also not observed.

Latest technique: what is stomach botox?

This technique is, as already noted, most efficient when it comes to weight loss. Procedure is carried out not evolving surgical manipulations. Prior to the tequinic initiation, toxin – a botulinum substance brought in during surgery – was implemented exclusively for aesthetic purposes. Substance is capable of reducing striated and smooth muscles’ activity pro tempore.

Making stomach botox surgery – its general therapy program lasts approximately six months – the first infusion is carried out in the middle layers of the muscles of the stomach. Then the muscles contract, and, consequently, their emptying and movement slow down. Thus, food leaves the organ more slowly, lingering there longer and giving a fairly strong fullness with minimal amounts. This contributes to weight decrease.

At first, the injection was administered only in the antrum – an area that is located near the exit from the stomach. However, experts have noticed in this mode, injection doesn’t give such a highly efficient impact. Therefore, it was decided to change the injection site and make some modifications to the general injection formula. Then, a substance was introduced into the dome-shaped part of the organ – the well-known hunger hormone, secreted by the channels in this particular area, is controlled by the injected substance and does not have such a strong effect on a person. Due to the amazing efficiency and high level of safety, tequinic has become wildly popular.


Basically, procedure is resorted to by people suffering from excessive weight. Additionally, gastro-botox is often done to people undergoing hormone therapy, as a result of which body weight is in constant instability – a sharp weight gain, alternating with periods of “stagnation”.

In addition, sometimes the cause of weight gain remains inexplicable even for specialists. Accordingly, it is extremely difficult to find the right therapeutic solution in such situations. Gastric botox injection for weight loss aids achieving significant goals if people can’t get this turning to others, particularly, nutrition, correction of the general diet, development of physical programs, etc.

Another category is people suffering from a lack of satiety – an anomaly that is congenital or acquired as a result of certain psychological or physiological changes. Due to this defect, the human body ceases to be saturated, which leads to the non-stop absorption of large amounts of food. Injecting BX-substance in stomach muscles corrects this problem permanently by improving patients’ life quality and changing their overall physical condition.


Stomach botox injections look as follows:

  1. The specialist inserts a medical endoscope in mouth passing to stomach – this method helps getting to the internal surfaces of the organ, avoiding any kind of surgical manipulation.
  2. The doctor can see the path that the instrument makes inside the patient’s body: from the oral cavity to the place where it’ll be directly entered.
  3. Needle is attached to instrument’s end. When tool reaches the target, the specialist injects the substance.
  4. General or local narcosis isn’t possible there because persons are unable to control the swallowing reflex; it may result in the endoscope being swallowed. Therefore, doctors can only use a special anesthetic in the form of a spray to alleviate throat ache.

Doing botox injections in stomach specialists mainly use two types:

  • substance effect is aimed at organ’s walls – portioned botox is provided into them, slowing down the rate of muscle shrinking by half of the usual norm;
  • targeting gastric nerve – natural connection between the nervous system and stomach. Affecting this nerve sends an artificial message about satiety to the brain. Thus, a person isn’t hungry at all for some time.

What is prohibited before and after

So, let’s analyze some points you should consider before.

  1. It is mandatory for patients to specify whether they have allergic reactions to any drugs.
  2. Before manipulation, it is forbidden to take ibuprofen and aspirin – this ban was made in order to avoid possible bleeding during the operation.
  3. Approximately 12 hours before the substance introduction, you shouldn’t eat.

The duration of gastric botox injection itself – 45-60 min. Don’t be alarmed when your throat becomes numb – this is the effect of the anesthetic. Next, what must be taken care of after.

  1. It is worth noting that substance effects won’t appear instantly. Expected impact will be shown between three and six months.
  2. Botox is not characterized by permanent properties. Many people undergo it again in six months.
  3. Satiety comes right after manipulations. Thus, be ready to lower the food amount  forthwith.

We note botox therapy alone, without necessary nutrition correction and the development of exercise programs, does not give significant effect. It’s recommended to approach problem solutions comprehensively.

Probable gastric botox side effects

This surgical manipulation has fewer risks than liposuction or gastrectomy. In particular, patients may experience the following.

  1. The amount of the substance that was injected may move to another place close to the point of the substance entering. It will cause unwanted effects on other plots.
  2. If a doctor injects an excessive botox portion, it’ll lead to complete paralysis of stomach muscles or to complete weakness. It will negatively affect digestion.
  3. If gastric botox for weight loss is brought to the wrong place, it can lead to unpleasant consequences such as indigestion. This effect will be observed until the substance is completely eliminated from the body.

The rarest of the problems encountered are perforation of muscles due to penetration of the endoscope, or infection – it leads to inflammation.

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