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Gamma knife and Cyberknife: main features

Гамма-Ножа И Кибер-Нож

Cancer incidence is increasing every year. According to statistics, about 18.1 million cases of cancer were registered in the world in 2020. If oncological pathologies were detected at the first stages of its occurrence, then in 90% of cases it would be possible to successfully cure them. Medicine is advancing, and therapy is already being successfully used to eliminate complex neoplasms that were previously considered completely untreatable. For example, the innovative cyberknife and gamma knife treatments are excellent at fighting formations in cerebrum.

Technics description

CyberKnife is a linear accelerator suitable for elimination of formations with different localizations. Using this device, neoplasms that interfere with breathing are removed. System detects tumor  movements and aims directly at the area of ​​pathology.

To use the Gamma Knife, you need an accurate fixation of the head. Device is implemented if a person has cerebrum cancer, and benignant solid pathologies inside skull. To fix the head, special screws are used, which increases the risk of vascular injuries, bleeding, and migraines in the period after surgery, which is one of the disadvantages of the method.

According to Elekta, its manufacturer, device’s clarity impact is 0.15 mm. Accuray cyberknife has 0.5 mm exactness. It means radio-rays delivered by both systems target formations and do not harm healthy tissues.

Therapy using these devices is defined in stereotactic radio-surgery group. Irradiation is an excellent alternate option to surgical interventions.

Indications for stereotaxic surgery

  1. If it is contraindicated for the patient to be operated on surgically.
  2. The neoplasm is located in a hard-to-reach place for the surgeon or near vital organs.
  3. The tumor is constantly moving, for example, when a person breathes.

Although stereotaxy can eliminate whole-nature formations, it is most often chosen if the tumor originated in:

  • cerebrum;
  • cyberknife for breast cancer;
  • nech region;
  • vertebral section
  • cyberknife pancreatic cancer;
  • lung;
  • stomach
  • liver;
  • prostate area.

Cyberknife vs Gamma Knife

  1. Radiation level. Although both systems are designed for stereotaxis, they are very different. CyberKnife has 1 very precise accelerator, and GammaKnife has several radiation sources and it acts on the neoplasm by the decay products of cobalt. CyberKnife makes it evolving X-ray, which is 4 times more powerful than cobalt.
  2. Devices purpose. Cyberknife can eliminate a formation anywhere, and Gamma knife radiosurgery is implemented for cerebrum therapy.
  3. Process and devices’ actions. CyberKnife has clear neoplasm control systems. With them, the doctor can destroy tumors that are in motion. But the patient will have to lie down and not move for 40-120 minutes. To do this, use a special air mattress and personal mask. In GammaKnife treatment, patients are in a fixed state, head is fixed with special helixes, and afterwards, ache in head or nausea can occur.

During therapy, discomfort does not occur in both cases; so if you feel discomfort, it is important to tell the doctor about it. Therapy is carried out without narcosis, but with a fear of closed space, as well as light sedatives are provided to children.

Tequinics pros

  1. Gamma radiation knife stands out for its ultra-precise impact on small foci of the disease, as well as the lowest risk of other cells and structures damage.
  2. CyberKnife can eliminate formations in any part of an organism; this method gives fewer complications. In addition, the operation is painless and does not cause discomfort.
  3. In Israel, both of these systems are used, and the choice of device depends on patients’ characteristics. Due to its greater number of virtues, Cyber knife therapy is practiced more often.
  4. The use of these systems assists in quick and efficient formations’ elimination, metastases and cancer recurrences prevention. Radio-surgery stands out for its quick recovery.

Contraindications for Gamma and CyberKnife radiation treatments

With stereotactic manipulations, neoplasms of 3-6 cm are eliminated, depending on the place where the formation is located and nearby structures.

Radio-surgery is not used in the following cases:

  • large neoplasm;
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease;
  • arrhythmia;
  • mental disorder.

It is important to tell your doctor if you are taking insulin or other medications by mouth, or have a heart valve, or clips for cerebral aneurysms or claustrophobia.

Do I need to be hospitalized for stereotaxic surgery?

Often, such operations are performed outpatiently, but relatives should be next to the patient. In some cases, short-term hospitalization is needed. Return home is allowed a day or two after therapy.

When is Gamma and Cyber knife treatment for cancer effect visible?

  1. This therapy has its advantages. People don’t have sutures, as after surgery, recovery takes place in a couple of days, and the success of therapy in the first stages of the disease is 98%.
  2. The disadvantage of this type of therapy is that its effect might be seen not immediately, but in 6-9 months. Approximately the same length of time is required for cells to collapse. Therefore, in more complicated events, specialists might prescribe surgical manipulations rather than radio-surgery.


According to official data, Cyber and GammaKnife are used in more than 700 clinics in 50 world countries. Often, patients choose therapy in Turkey, where procedure price is about 9-10 thousand dollars. In German clinics, CyberKnife cost is about 15 thousand dollars, and in Israel – from 20,000.



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