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Da Vinci Robotic Surgical Technology

Хирургический робот Da Vinci

Da Vinci surgical system – innovative device carrying out surgical interventions making miniature incisions with manipulators and special 3D cameras. With this method, doctors see a clear picture of the pathology site and can operate with ultra-precise accuracy. All manipulations are performed under surgeon supervision.

Da Vinci – surgical console, a rack with 4 automatic manipulators, a special high-performance InSite® image transmission system and quality EndoWrist® instrumentation. At the console, the doctor observes manipulation fields, and by covering and moving handbrakes, he/she carries out required actions. The device transforms the actions of the doctor into the movements of the device.

How robotic-assisted surgery works

  1. The robot’s tools are designed in the same way as the human wrist, but with a wider range. The toolkit bends up to 90 degrees, it has 7 steps. Da Vinci surgical system doesn’t tremble, has a shorter irradiation path and an improved action system to limit being beyond the strength of a human hand. The increased radius of application of tools helps to operate in inaccessible places.
  2. InSite® is a browser, high qualitative 3D-endoscope, and images processing mechanism, so doctors may see the real picture of the operated site.
  3. A stereo endoscope is included in the Intuitive Surgical video, doctors receive a clear and sharp 3D image of whole site.
  4. Thanks to robotic assisted surgeries, manipulations are less painful, and the period of hospitalization is reduced several times. In addition, the patient will be able to return to normal life very quickly.

For what cases is Da Vinci surgical robotic system implemented?

Da Vinci surgical system treats such diseases:

  • oncology of the bladder;
  • rectal cancer;
  • ischemia;
  • obesity;
  • oncology of the prostate;
  • kidney diseases;
  • renal oncology;
  • mitral valve prolapse;
  • cancer of the larynx;
  • cancer of the uterus, cervix and ovaries;
  • severe uterus hemorrhage;
  • robotic assisted knee replacement surgery;
  • uterine prolapse.


Robotic assisted laparoscopic surgery – world progress in minimally invasive intervention. Actions clarity and mass of options for the positions of the robot made it possible for doctors to operate more efficiently in areas that are hard to reach for human hands and laparoscopy.

Today, radical prostatectomy – most popular robotised surgical tequinic worldwide. If earlier prostate removal could impair erection and cause problems with urination, now nerve-sparing manipulation carried out with the Da Vinci device has made it possible to greatly reduce such risks.

Robotic assisted surgery Da Vinci  has a lot of privileges in comparison with well-known tequinics:

  1. Quick recovery period – only one day after therapy, it is allowed to bathe, move around, and work in a sitting position.
  2. Urination is regulated much faster than after abdominal surgical manipulations. Many people can be discharged after a week without having to wear a catheter.
  3. Healthy tissues are practically not damaged, while the rehabilitation period passes quickly enough.
  4. Pain is expressed much less than pain after open surgery. After Da Vinci treatment, there is only minimal discomfort. There is no necessity for blood transfusion after it because patients don’t lose much blood.
  5. Due to tiny little incisions, no practically scars are observed after intervention. This gives an excellent result in aesthetic terms – there are almost no scars.
  6. Good indicator of functionality. After the operation, in 88% of men the potency is fully preserved, and in 95% the urethra functions normally, there’s no urinary incontinence.

Surgeon workplace

Robotic assisted surgery combines human mind and robotised actions. Doctor sees operation areas, which are enlarged 20 times and performs actions that cannot be done clearly and meticulously in ordinary operation. Precision-driven microsurgical tools implemented by robots are more precise compared with human hands.

Doctor also receives navigation and control tools created with the help of innovative technologies in order to be able to perform high-quality nerve-sparing interventions. The device can perform its functions exclusively under the control of a professional, and Da Vinci’s actions depend on his/her decisions. The success of such complex manipulations as prostatectomy directly depends on professional experts’ skills. Da Vinci robotic assisted surgery only helps to expand the range of capabilities of a specialist, but is not a substitute for skill.

Patient console

When performing an intervention with this device, the doctor does not work directly with the patient. All actions are carried out by three manipulators with innovative tools, and a stereo endoscope shows specialists surgical area pictures in 3D format.

Doctors have access to a high-quality  image area where the operation takes place. Therefore, the specialist works accurately, saving nerves and blood vessels that feed anatomical structures. Robot makes it possible to carry out many surgical procedures with just a few incisions, 1 cm maximum.

People endure minimally damaged surgical manipulations much easier and easier than abdominal ones. Minor discomfort may be caused by gas pumped into the body to facilitate the doctor’s manipulations. It completely leaves patients’ bodies about a day after procedure.

Cost of Da Vinci surgery

Robotic surgery is a revolutionary development, thanks to which physicians are able to carry out even compound surgical interventions as accurately as possible and without serious complications, and technical functionality of operating team is significantly expanded when using a robot assistant. Today, the world’s leading clinics use the Da Vinci robot assistant. Approximate Da Vinci robotic surgery price is 12-18 000 USD.

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