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What is the life expectancy for lung cancer at different stages?

According to the WHO, every year lung cancer is detected in two million patients.

How long do people with lung cancer live?

Stage 0 lung cancer is curable: malignant cells are present only in the lining of the lung. Patients with the “in situ” stage are assigned a wedge resection, in which the surgeon removes part of the affected tissue. The survival rate for stage zero cancer is 100%, and the likelihood of recurrence is minimal if the patient is regularly examined by a doctor.

The disease in the zero stage does not manifest itself in any way, and this is the main difficulty in diagnosing it at the very beginning.

How long do people live with the first stage

The disease in the zero stage does not manifest itself in any way, and this is the main difficulty in diagnosing it at the very beginning. There are two categories: 1a and 1b, which differ in size. The survival rate for lung cancer of the first stage for 5 years is:

  • tumor size is >1 cm – 92%;
  • 1-2 cm – 82%;
  • from 2 to 3 – 77;
  • with a tumor size of 3-5 cm, the survival rate is 68%.

The survival rate in the first stage also depends on which age group the patient belongs to. Accordingly, the younger the patient, the higher his/her chances. However, each case is individual and is accompanied by many additional forces.

2-stage lung cancer

In the second stage of the development of the disease, the tumor becomes quite large. Pathology can damage the lymph nodes and affect respiratory tract. Of the general symptoms, heaviness during breathing, periodically increasing chest pain, hemoptysis and sputum are noted. At this stage, the tumor does not metastasize. Survival for 5 years looks like:

  • size of the tumor is 4-5 cm and it does not affect the lymph nodes – 60%;
  • the tumor is 3-4 cm, while spreading to the lymph nodes – 50%.

According to doctors, it’s noted that with stage 2, prognosis is much more comforting depending on gender: survival among women is usually higher.

How long do people live with 3-stage lung cancer?

The tumor affects the lymph nodes. In some cases, the pathology also affects neighboring lobes or the second lung. Malignant cells are present in the pleura, bronchus, and diaphragm. Survival ratio looks like:

  • affected lymph nodes and one lung – 36%;
  • malignant cells damaged both lungs and are in lymph nodes – 26%;
  • several lung lobes are affected – 12%.

It is almost impossible to surgically remove the formation at stage 3.

Stage 4 lung cancer

At the fourth stage, the tumor metastasizes to the liver, bone tissue, cerebrum, etc. The fourth stage is fatal. Life expectancy within one year is 15% among patients with metastases in one organ, and up to 5% for patients in whom metastases have affected several organs.

Some people live for several years with such a pathology form. This is achieved through immunotherapy, proton and CAR-T therapy.

Life expectancy in peripheral lung cancer

One of the most dangerous is peripheral lung cancer. This pathology affects the eponymous parts of the respiratory system: the foci of the disease are located on the periphery. The tumor is formed from lung’s tissue. Survival is as follows:

  • up to 30% with early detection;
  • up to 5% with late detection of the tumor.

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