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New methods for total hip replacement

Mostly, people suffering from hip joint arthritis, doctors prescribe medication. In addition, the load on the joint, and, accordingly, the pain in it, can be reduced through physiotherapy exercises and by reducing the total body weight. If the person experiences unbearable ache and treatment does not work, hip replacement is prescribed.

Complete replacement disappears pains and restores hip’s functionalyty.

Surgery hip replacement

In today’s medical community, physicians try to resort to minimally invasive treatments when possible in a given case. Joint arthroplasty:

  • doctors make a 12-18 inch incision along patients’ thigh;
  • damaged joint is changed with an implant.

It takes some time for the tissues in the body to “accept” the implant. In addition, it takes time for the muscles in the leg to recover and the incision to heal.

Operation is connected with some risks, in particular, the subsequent loosening of the joint, its deformation, or infection in the body. A bone fracture is also possible.

New techniques for total hip replacements

  • Creation of a virtual operating room.

The possibilities that virtual reality has opened up for hip replacement surgeons is physicians are given unlimited space to try out new techniques and familiarize themselves with new devices and tools. This is an opportunity to accurately simulate the surgery and create a real feeling of being in the operating room.

  • 3D printing.

Through 3D printing, doctors can create an implant for patients as close as possible to natural tissue.

  • Replace hip surgery using robotic technologies.

This’s a completely autonomous system that performs procedures as quickly as possible and with high accuracy under the control of surgeons.

  • Mechanisms acting on the principles of artificial intelligence.

The use of AI developments greatly simplifies the work of doctors, while increasing the accuracy of operations and reducing the likelihood of subsequent risks.

Benefits of innovative solutions for hip surgeries

Hip surgery replacement gives opportunities to make life better and restore its former rhythm. With the latest advances in the industry, operations are performed accurately and quickly, and recovery occurs in the shortest possible time and with a minimum of side effects.

  • Improved accuracy of surgeons’ manipulations.

The level of accuracy of the operation has increased significantly due to new technologies available to doctors today. The results of endoprosthetics have also improved – the percentage of successful operations with minimal side effects has risen several times.

  • Long-term perspective.

With current development of technologies, hip replacement has long-term outcomes. About 85% of endoprosthesis functions within the next 20 years after surgical manipulations.

  • Recovery takes less time and minimally invasive methods are implemented.

Hip replacements are done with minimal damage. Accordingly, people lose less blood and experience less muscles’ soreness during rehab.

  • CT diagnostics for accurate data.

The use of CT scan data, together with artificial intelligence mechanisms, gives doctors the opportunity to simulate the course of the operation and prevent the possibility of error.

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