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Stroke Prevention

Stroke is a life threatening disease that can be avoided with the help of prevention, which you can start at any time. What is needed for this? There are a few points you may follow to help prevent stroke, but you can’t regenerate or alter genetic make-up to stay healthy. Let’s take a look at some of these tips.

How to prevent a stroke?

Today you’ll learn about 7 tips, following which you can reduce the risk of a stroke or even get rid of it, even if it runs in your family and is a hereditary condition. What suggestions are there that can assist us prevent having a stroke?

Normalize blood pressure

High blood pressure is one of the most important factors causing this ailment. Normal blood-pressure is 120 over 80. Maintaining this point, or a pressure slightly below it, brings your body back to normal condition.

Actions listed below can assist you in reducing your blood-pressure:

  • reducing salt intake (use no more than half a teaspoon per day);
  • do not eat foods high in cholesterol (fast food, cheeses, ice cream, etc.);
  • increasing fruit consumption to 4-5 pieces each day;
  • eat several servings of whole grain cereals and low-fat dairy products daily.
  • consume fish two or three times a week;
  • increase physical activity – spend actively at least 30 minutes a day;
  • if you smoke, you must break this addiction to lower your chance of disease;
  • limit your alcohol consumption;
  • consult a cardiologist for hypertension if necessary.

Weight loss

Obesity and associated conditions may provoke stroke. If you normalize BMI to a healthier number, it would be beneficial if you were overweight.

To find out if you are overweight, you can calculate your ideal body weight. Normally, this index is 25 or less. If you have this number exceeded, then you need to lose weight. If people themself aren’t able to bring their bodies back to normal, then it is better to use the help of a professional and consult a nutritionist or endocrinologist.


Exercising helps lower blood-pressure and lose weight, but it will also improve your fitness and immunity, and over time, you will begin to enjoy it and exercise will begin to cheer you up. Yes, immediately, without getting up from the couch for a long time, you will not be able to run 5 kilometers, and this will adversely affect the state of your body, but by training wisely, you will eventually achieve such a result without harm to health.

How to train without harm to health?

  1. Start to gradually increase the amount of time you are active throughout the day, starting with walking.
  2. Include daily walks in the park or your neighborhood in your daily routine.
  3. Gradually gaining momentum, sign up for a gym or start exercising at home.
  4. Gradually increase your load in the gym, do not finish the workout until you feel that it was effective (muscle pain, profuse sweating, fatigue from exertion).
  5. If you lack willpower, then hire a coach or sign up for online classes.
  6. Using the stairs instead of the elevator and avoiding taxi rides in favor of walking will also help benefit your body.

Moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages

Drinking large amounts of alcoholic beverages has a negative impact on your cardiovascular and central nervous systems, as well as on the rest of the body and its condition. Alcohol can cause a wide range of diseases, including heart-attack.

Treatment of atrial fibrillation

Atrial fibrillation is when blood clots form during an irregular heartbeat. Blood clots are the most common cause of this ailment. It’s mandatory to notice presence of such a problem in time and eradicate it.

How to independently determine the presence of atrial fibrillation? The main symptoms of a problem such as atrial fibrillation are tachycardia and shortness of breath. In the presence of such symptoms, it is recommended to consult a doctor.


An excess of sugar in the blood can destroy blood vessels, and this increases the risk of blood clots in them. Therefore, if you are a diabetic, then you need to follow some rules.

Quit smoking

Blood clots can also be caused by smoking. Smokers’ arteries develop plaques and their blood becomes thicker. The best defense against the risk of stroke is to stop smoking. However, breaking harmful habits can be a challenging process.

This is the end of the list of 7 tips, following which you will change your life and get rid of the risk of a stroke. The main thing is to believe in yourself and that you can change yourself in favor of your health, and then you will succeed.

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