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Dental Contouring

Dental Contouring

Dental cosmetic contouring, or artistic teeth reshaping, is used for smile correction in order to make it perfect. It helps to correct both congenital and acquired defects, in particular, chips obtained after injuries, enamel discoloration, erasure, etc. This technique is used in the following cases:

  • tooth shape or dentition reformation (narrowing, expansion, lengthening or shortening);
  • correction of position of some teeth or a whole row;
  • enamel discoloration;
  • elimination of damage to teeth: chips, cracks, etc.;
  • restoration of damage resulting from carious lesions;
  • straightening crooked surfaces;
  • elimination of gaps occurring between teeth and leading to dentition divergence.


Artistic restoration is carried out using next-mentioned methods.

  1. Direct.

Teeth reshape through layer-by-layer implementation of composite materials to damaged areas. Doctors act on materials’ layers with rays of a special lamp, after which they harden. Before the procedure, the area is prepared, i. e., it is brought into condition the procedure requires.

The procedure is carried out in one visit. Only difficult cases in which complex recovery is necessary require several visits to a specialist. In particular, one of these techniques is enameloplasty. By means of a special tool, patients are rubbed and polished sharp chips, returning natural shape.

  1. Indirect.

It’s carried out in several stages. Doctors take a cast of the teeth, after which they make the missing fragment. Then, the resulting element is attached to the surface of the tooth, thereby restoring its anatomical structure and functionality.

In especially severe cases, gum contouring is also made. Specialists dissect tissues, capturing jawbone parts. It helps to correct gums’ shape: align, reduce, expand if necessary, etc. As a rule, anesthesia is needed only for gums.


Dental contouring is an opportunity to model perfect smile and change congenital or acquired defects. This procedure is often necessary after hard dental diseases treatment when tooth shape remains largely damaged.

  1. It’s painless. Doctors remove only enamel’s top, so patients don’t feel discomfort. Exceptions are in rare cases – with increased sensitivity of the teeth.
  2. Improving the general condition and health of teeth. Lesions on the surfaces of teeth are places where bacteria can accumulate. Removal of irregularities and roughness reduces the risk of caries and the development of inflammatory processes in the gums.
  3. An alternative solution that might replace braces. On occasion, it’s seen as straightening tequinic – a “quick” alternative way to braces taking years to wear.


Cosmetic contouring is contraindicated in:

  • periodontitis;
  • caries – most of surfaces is affected;
  • bruxism;
  • severe bite pathologies needed compound facial bone correction;
  • absolute contraindication – the presence of an oncological tumor of the jawbone, in which the patient undergoes chemotherapy or radiation therapy;
  • mental disorders.

Odontoplasty results are stored for a long time. With proper handling and care of the oral cavity and dentition, doctors guarantee longevity.

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