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Magnetic resonance imaging and Positron emission tomography (PET-MRI)


A new technique  combining PET MRI 3 Tesla, which helps to obtain high image quality and, accordingly, specialists are able to make a more accurate diagnosis in the shortest possible time. In this case, the body is exposed to less radiation. Experts obtain information to help develop an effective plan for the treatment of cancer pathologies through a combination of anatomical and molecular diagnostics.

PET scans VS MRI: How MRI Differs from PET-MRI

MRI and CT create a holistic image of internal structures. PET, in turn, gives specialists the opportunity to get a comprehensive picture of severe systemic pathologies in patients, identifying them at the cellular level, that is, in their incipient stage.

Benefits of PET/MRI Technology

  1. Carrying out a more comprehensive and complete diagnosis. This makes it possible to develop the most effective therapy. PET-MRI of cerebrum allows specialists to identify abnormal modifications that cannot be detected by PET-CT scan.
  2. A high level of safety, which is achieved due to a reduced level of radiation by about 50%.
  3. Combining two types of scans, which significantly saves time allotted for diagnostics.

Procedure Indications

Magnetic resonance images are used by specialists in such cases: pathological formations in cerebrum; cancers in the cervical vertebrae, skull, liver and rectum; pediatric formations.

PET/MRI is highly accurate, while having a low level of radio exposure. Among other things, this is a very convenient technology, which is especially important when physicians deal with children.

Magnetic resonance imaging functions are implemented to carry out the following: getting a picture of how the patient’s organs and tissues function; diagnostics and detection of pathologies and malignant neoplasms; radiotherapy planning; control over how therapy proceeds.

In MRI, doctors use magnetic fields that, passing around affected area, creat an image of the tumor. Therefore, specialists can indicate type and sizes, and location of neoplasm.

Functional magnetic resonance imaging – combination of two methodologies, giving experts opportunity to study internal tissues in a more detailed way and effectively develop a treatment plan.

Process Duration

People should arrive thirty min before starting. Patients are then given a radiopharmaceutical. In general, the process lasts about an hour: first, the drug must reveal its properties, and then patients are sent for scanning directly. Specific attention is paid to safety of procedure, particularly, if there are implants in body, specialist should be warned about it.

How to Prepare for PET-MRI?

If people have electronic devices or implants in body, as noted above, it is necessary to warn the specialist about it. To do it, you need to get accurate data as for device manufacturer.

The same applies to patients suffering from claustrophobia and all forms of diabetes. In the latter case, person needs to know exactly how to take specific drugs afore procedure.

Contrast Agent

When scanning, patients may need to inject contrast agent. This substance is a dye that is used so that doctors can see differences in the state of internal systems.

In visualizing diagnostics, different contrast agents are implemented. Magnetic resonance imaging MRI evolves gadolinium administered intravenously through a catheter.

Body Reaction to Introduction of Contrast Substance

In cases, organism shows allergical response when contrast substance is inside. If you’re allergy any medications, be sure to tell your doctor about it.

Radio Tracers

Before the PET-MRI procedure is performed, patients are given a radiopharmaceutical through a catheter. This substance helps to determine differences between unhealthy tissues and normal ones. Such indicator, in particular, can be fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG), which is stored in cells for a short time.

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