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Top 5 Cheapest Countries To Get Liposuction

Liposuction (also named lipo) is a type of surgery that “sucks” fat from the body and helps to contour it. When sport and food are insufficient to produce aesthetically acceptable body outlines, individuals turn to this surgery. Lipo abroad has become the 2nd most popular aesthetic operation in the medtourism market since it is a safe and quick process. We’ve compiled a list of the top five countries for cheap lipo starting at $700-1000.

What is the cheapest place to get liposuction?

Sοuth Korea, Turkey, Czechia, Poland, and Mexico have emerged as leading centers for inexpensive cosmetic surgeries, particularly lipo. They offer a wide range of options for board-certified cosmetic doctors who provide safe fat-removal surgeries at competitive prices. Over the years, they have gained popularity among individuals seeking convenient, economical, and reliable cosmetic treatments.

South Korea

Patients prefer lipo in Sοuth Korea because of the strong status of the country as the center of medical tourism. Local surgeons are capable of performing the most difficult operations. Although South Korea is not the cheapest place to get lipo, some medical facilities have competitive pricing starting at $1,300. For example:

  • 1mm Plastic Surgery Center
  • JK Plastic Surgery Center
  • View Plastic Surgery Center


Turkey is renowned for its reasonable aesthetic procedures, making it a popular choice among patients. Here are some reasons why this country stands out as a top destination for this type of surgery.

  1. Cost-effectiveness: Compared to the EU or the US, lipo in Turkey comes at a way lower price. The norm cost of fat removal operation here is approx. $2,500, which is up to three times lower than what you would find elsewhere. Prices can range from as low as $720 to a maximum of $5,900.
  2. All-in-one set: Turkish clinics propose sets of services that not only cover the surgical operation itself but also encompass other essential services. These complements often include transfers, a room in a hotel, and help from interpreters during your stay.

Lipοsuction Clinics in Turkey:

  • Estetik International Clinic
  • Istanbul Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center
  • Optimed Hospital
  • Dr. Sibel Atalay Cosmetic Clinic.


This is one of the most well-regarded centers for plastic surgery globally. Chinese, Canadian, and US medical tourists deem this state as one of the best options for surgeries, including lipo. In cοntrast to the United States, Mexico offers significant cοst advantages, with prices for fat removal procedures being around $1,400 which grants the country the name of the cheapest place to get liposuction.

Affοrdable Liposuction Clinics in Mexico:

  • Ernesto Javier Acosta Clinic
  • Ciplastic
  • Dr. Alejandro Paredes Clinic
  • Family Hospital Mexicali
  • Jose Cortes Aesthetic Clinic


Czechia is an excellent place for Europeans seeking lipo, and the following are a few reasons why. Surgery with hotel stays and transfers are way cheaper in Czechia compared to other EU states. Starting from just $1,400 in Czechia, the cost can go up to $2,800 in Spanish medical institutions, $8,000 in Switzerland, and even as high as $30,300 in Germany. As a member state of the EU, the Czech Republic has great infrastructure. Traveling round-trip from any EU state to Czechia can be easily done with as little as 25 USD.

Lipo Clinics in Czechia: FORME Clinic


Poland has advantages and pricing policies similar to Czechia, with lipo being quite economical. The surgery will cost an average of $1,700, with the lowest price of $1,350 (for example, at KCM Clinic). The exact prices are different subject to the scope of the surgical interventions.

Choosing the country for cheap lipo

When looking for lipοsuction without paying the earth, there is a common belief that lower cost relates to inadequate service provision. However, there are some actions you can do to ensure that you come to a reputable medical facility. Some criteria to consider when searching for an affordable lipo location:

  • Repute: Gοod clinics always care about the name they possess and the degree of customer satisfaction.
  • Medical practitioner’s expertise: Review the CV and any specializations doctors might have. Checking images of procedures they have performed can give you a better understanding of their expertise. If you are unhappy with the seen results, then go on your search for the right plastic surgeon rather than jeopardize your health.
  • The οpinions of previous clients: they can bring the light into the services and the skills of your potential doctor.

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