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Medical tourism in Malaysia

Traveling for therapeutic purposes is evolving and flourishing extremely fast. As practical data shows, medical tourism in Malaysia possesses great demand for persons from Japan and Asian-states. Country is valued for its highly-qualified staff, perfect services-quality, and fairly low costs. Australians, Europeans and residents of East-states are frequent guests.

Why medical tourism in Malaysia?

Malaysian medical tourism companies act under next-mentioned global-norms and health-standards. A number of Malaysian clinics adhere only to the official therapeutic system. At same time, there’re private establishments that, along with the generally recognized methods, actively apply the foundations of the centuries-old tradition of Malaysian therapy. Two hospitals, the National Heart and Vascular Institute and the Onna Ophthalmology Center, have developed a comprehensive program. It allows foreigners to undergo short-term examinations and examinations, combining rejuvenation and well-being programs. The price of such tours includes accommodation in hotel rooms on the territory of the clinic, meals suitable for the diagnosis, examination and basic treatment-programs.

  1. As medical tourism in Malaysia statistics say, there’re 35 clinical establishments in country. These establishments are locally and globally certified.
  2. Governmental structures monitor the level of services provided, so Malaysian medicine is parallel with medicine of Western countries.
  3. All hospital-staff speak English. More than 90% of the staff was educated in USA, etc. Also, an indicator of the high qualification of employees is also their active participation in medical-research-programs.

Pros and cons of Malaysian medical tourism industry

They use only the most modern and safe appliances when carrying out complex operations and manipulations:

  • cosmetic and reconstructive surgery;
  • endocrinological field;
  • otolaryngology;
  • cosmetic dentistry;
  • dialysis and nephrology;
  • examination and special diagnosis of diseases;
  • complex manipulations for rejuvenation;
  • vaccination;
  • internal-medicine;
  • pediatrics;
  • urological direction.

An important factor in medical health-tourism in Malaysia is after-surgery-recovery. Climate helps to quickly bounce back passing operations. Country may offer rest by the sea and highland plantations. There is a wide range of services helping to recover and improve your health-condition: massages, herbal therapy, Ayurveda, acupressure – therapies through pressure on certain points of body and acupuncture – impact on the body with special needles. Thermal and mineral springs and baths are also popular here – the most famous of them are located in Sabah, Pedas, Tambun. Such procedures are popular not only in private-institutions, but they are often found in public establishments.

The most frequent visitors to local clinics are citizens of nearby territories, where medical-services-quality is worse. Total flow of tourists from EU-countries and Japan is 3%.

Medical tourism cost in Malaysia

Who value comfort and possess a certain budget for it may recuperate in Malaysian establishments in wards of increased comfort or even in hotels close to hospitals. Costs of therapies in Malaysia is an order of magnitude less in EU states known for their medical-industry. Compared to UK, savings for people deciding to go to a Malaysian clinic will be about 64-67% on average.

If you speak English, you can easily talk to all clinic-staff yourself, but if you have difficulty understanding this language, you have rights to hire translator – this is the norm for Malaysian institutions.

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