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Medical Tourism in India

Foreign-citizens fly here for therapeutic help, so medical tourism in India is extremely popular. Indian establishments employ well-known specialists and follow stringent quality-standards, while prices of diagnostic and therapeutic programs are lower.

Why medical tourism in India?

  1. Price-range. People receive therapies meeting quality-standards, as in Turkey or Germany, but they pay less. Medical tourism companies in India are 40-70% cheaper than in different states. Such discrepancy in prices is due to the fact that in this jurisdiction, doctors choose local analogues of American drugs possessing a license.
  2. Good-quality medical-tourism service providers in India. Foreign-citizens turn to private-clinics in India. In public institutions, only locals can use the services. All clinics are NABH certified. 34 establishments are certified by JCI for excellent equipment, safety and professionalism. In Germany, there’re only 2 establishments with such accreditation.
  3. Ethical issues in medical tourism in India. Local model of medical-tourism involves contacting ethical aspects of all classes.
  4. Top notch experts. World’s best doctors operate locally. They perform complex surgeries and take on cases that have been rejected. In one of Indian clinics, a world-class doctor, Mohammed Rela, has a mark in the Guinness Book of Records for liver-transplant to kid whose age was only 5 days. This doctor has performed more than 4.5 thousand transplants, and this is world-record.
  5. State-apparatus improves healthcare-system as a whole, and modernizes medical-tourism hospitals in India particularly. Result of such achievements is to obtain new methods for diagnosing diseases, realization of various methods of treatment, the creation of equipment and medicines, and modernization forces increase in cost of services, making them inaccessible to wide categories of people.
  6. There isn’t language barrier. All physicians speak English fluently. People may turn to special medical tourism-agencies in India.

Medical tourism services in India

  • Transplants.

It’s global destination of this direction. You can become a donor for life. At the same time, the material can only be transferred free of charge, because the sale of organs is prohibited at the level of the law. A special company, NOTTO, often organizes Organ Donation Days, so there is a huge database of materials from donors in India.

Transplant-specialists are highly-experienced and run liver, pancreas, lung, heart transplants and make many complex surgical-interventions. In accordance with medical tourism in India statistics, 25,000 transplants are implemented annually. If compared, German physicians perform about 15,000 surgeries a year. For success in careers, Indian experts are included in the Guinness Book of Records and the TOP of the world’s leading transplantologists.

For locals and tourists there is a common queue for distribution of materials from donors. Upon admission to the bank, the material is checked for compatibility with the patient on a first-come, first-served basis. Only in India is it officially allowed for lungs and heart transplants from a dead donor to a foreigner.

  • Oncohematological field.

In accordance with medical tourism in India report, it’s very far-famed. Bone marrow transplantation doctors in this country have extensive practice and vast experience. The search for unrelated-donor is performed through Indian database; there is a lot of biological material in the bone marrow donor bank.

The price of TCM is several times lower. At the same time, operations are carried out according to the same standards.

  • Oncology.

Oncology departments have required technical equipment needed for quality cancer therapy. Tumors are removed using robotic surgical manipulations, and modernized equipment is used for radiation therapies.

Cost of medical tourism in India

Establishments operate without prepayment. You need to pay after therapeutic complex. Costs of treatment in India is lower in states being known for their specialists and achievements in the field of medicine, in particular, in China, Korea, etc. However, the quality of therapy, diagnosis and rehabilitation programs is in no way inferior to leading states. A general consultation with Indian doctors will be from $50, while in Germany the cost of a general consultation will be between $150-200.

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